Reels that can be instilled for Real

Reels that can be instilled for real Inspiration and motivation keep evading me alike. Nevertheless, the constant hunt for inspiration to write never leaves me. As the writer’s block continues to plague me courtesy some emotional turmoil, I turn to the biopic that moves the wheel for the galaxy of talented middle-class boys out there. … Continue reading Reels that can be instilled for Real

Dawn of the Dusk of Testing Times!

Enigma clouding all senses of direction,I stare into the electronic document I befriended  5 months back. The patient listener it has been, to all my views,opinions and rants and sarcasm. My over the moon roommate who has successfully completed a stint at the placement drive in my college brainwashed me to order pizza online . I anguish … Continue reading Dawn of the Dusk of Testing Times!

The Run of our lives!

Motivated by numerous memes and self-help sites I was tempted to type a post based on passion. However a bigger question entered into my  mind. Why have people suddenly failed to acknowledge and admit their passion into their life. It seemed people have suddenly lost their will to enjoy the useful aspects of life. My mind then wavered to wonder about what … Continue reading The Run of our lives!