My Life Lessons From Pokemon!

You often wonder  “Why is Naveen so crazy about Pokemon”. Oh! You dont wonder? So its only me? Well.. Thats a bummer…

The answer to the enigma that has been baffling you boils down in this blog post.

First things first. A small introduction to all our non-pokemon people reading;


Pokemon is a Japanese video game based on creatures called Pokemon. You can imagine them to be the counterparts of animals in the real world. Each Pokemon has attribute/s- Fire, Water, Grass, Ground, Electric, Poison, Steel, Ghost, Psychic, Flying, Bug, Normal and Dragon, known as type. Each type gives special abilities and moves for the Pokemon to fight with. Humans and Pokemon live together, with humans catching pokemon using pokeballs by battling them. They train their Pokemon by battling Pokemon in the wild and Pokemon trainers. Some humans train Pokemon for battle. Some are trained as tools for work.

Pokemon evolve into a stronger kind as they get trained in battle. Here Pikachu evolves into Raichu.


In the anime series, the story is based on Ash who is the hero of the story and aspires to become a Pokemon Master.  Ash starts out the with the fan favorite Pikachu as his first Pokemon and journeys far and wide battling gyms, taking part in leagues  aspiring to become the strongest Pokemon Master.

Now lets move to the hard part. The life lessons.

Choose your rival deliberately! 

(And like how you choose starters at the restaurant)

Every Pokemon game and a new season in the anime introduces a new rival for Ash. Ash’s first rival was Gary Oak who condescends Ash with his knowledge on Pokemon. Paul, Ash’s rival in the Sinnoh region, has an extremist mindset and has a style contradicting every nuance of Ash’s belief like releasing weak pokemon, ditching pokemon if they are too weak to hold their own etc. That boiled down to one of the best rivalries in the Pokemon series till date.
Pokemon informed me that “You are only as worse, bad, good, better as your competition.”
Personal takeaway:
One of my life changing lessons.
Our mind seeks comfort in competing against those it seems sure to win. I got rid of that thanks to Pokemon. Challenge the best person in the room. Challenge the extremist of any idealogy. Rivalry is something I haven’t liked in my childhood. But now, choosing my rival and forcing my brain to accept the resulting competition is the first step towards abny growth spurt in my life. I am thankful for the super intelligent brother I am blessed with. This generates the will to raise my standards. Sometimes I rival my friends and they have been the healthiest competitions I have ever participated in. Like Dumbledore says ” It takes courage to stand upto your enemies but even greater courage to stand up to your friends!”
You are only as strong as your rival. Respect your rival and keep your game at high standards so that even if you lose you haven’t dropped any standards at all.

The Theme Song:

Imagine Dragons’s Believer may be your kinda of motivational track, but have you ever listened to Pokemon World, The theme songs of Pokemon Season-1 and Advanced Battle. To each one’s own , but these songs are not as comical and childish as you may seem.

I wanna take the ultimate step
Find the courage to be bold
To risk it all and not forget
The lessons that I hold

I wanna go where no one’s been
Far beyond the crowd
To learn the way to take command
Use the power that’s in my hand

Read more: Pokémon – Pokemon World Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Personal takeaway:

These lyrics from the Pokemon World song narrows my focus from any diversion in life. I always find the only thing I shall never give up on is being a writer and writing for which I derive inspiration from the lines ( To learn the way to take command, Use the power that’s in my hand).

These songs have helped me with all my insecurities, goals and ambitions. They have made me believe in myself and reinforced my belief in…


In the anime, Ash is by far the least knowlegable trainer to start out in his quest to become a Pokemon Master. Over the series, he accepts his vulnerability, his weaknesses and admits his knowledge gap. We see Gary’s knowedge of Pokemon overwhelm Ash every time. Yet it is Ash’s sheer commitement that differentiates him from the rest. Pokemon training is about never giving up. A sickening work ethic when following your dreams is what shall endure you!
Personal takeaway:
I am nothing if not for sheer commitment. I am limited in my skill pool, average in everything I do. A ridiculous, exhausting commitment to all the choices I have made, accepting the weakness and the madness behind my choices, believing and staying devoted to them is what keeps me going and I am happy with it too!
What doesn’t kill you, makes you level up!

Whatever is new to you, makes you cooler!

The series and the video games all encompass limitless travelling, meeting new people, exploring new places and engaging with new Pokemon exclusive to that region. Every new region in the world of Pokemon endows something new. Forget schools and colleges, new places is where you can learn the best.  A new experience is the best thing to feel. A new person is a lifetime of learning.  Success need not stop when you reach the sky. Go visit the stars. Now thats something new, isn’t it?
Personal takeaway:
Pokemon taught me to indulge in all things new. I used to despise and be lazy to explore new things. Reruns and replays is what I do often, feeling uncomfortable to launch myself into new songs, new series, new games, new lifestyles.  My comfort zone was cozy, making me paint and repaint the walls of the worn out shell I protected myself and repulsed everthing that is new. Even now when I descend to this lifestyle I remind myself of Pokemon and revisit its lessons. I shift my ass and gaze to see what is new. I believe I needed Pokemon to teach me this. Or tell me one person, one teacher, one person in your family who taught you this in real life. No one did for me, and hence I am grateful to Pokemon that I decorate my wrist with a Pokemon wrist band.

Never give up on the people you love:

Well, I didn’t talk to her because she didn’t talk to me.

Well, did Ash give up on Charizard, the fire type lizard pokemon, though it never listened to him majority of the time it was with him, until it started to train in Charizific valley. Pokemon fans shall know what I am talking about. For others, here’s some context.

Charizard never considered Ash to be capable of controlling him. Hence, it never listened to Ash until way into the second season. Charizard cost Ash his dream by refusing to listen to him in an important battle which cost him the league championship.


This is the scene from the battle where Ash literally begs Charizard to listen for one time and Charizard relaxes on the battlefield, refusing to battle.

From a trainer’s perspective, Ash could have easily released Charizard, but that never happened. Ash never gave up on Charizard until finally Charizard realized Ash for who he is and thus becoming one of Ash’s strongest Pokemon!

Personal takeaway:

When I am pissed off at people, people automatically become my Charizard, and I wait for them to turn up and support them until without any takeaways for myself.

Thanks Charizard! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Pokemon! A game of choices!

One sentence that reverbrates every Pokemon episode is ” I Choose You”!

One recurring event in Pokemon is making choices.

Trainers choose the appropriate Pokemon for battle which greatly factors the result. Trainers can choose to retain Pokemon with them or release them, if they feel they are weak.


In the series as well as the video game, choices define a trainer’s path. In the beginning of your journey in the video game, you have to choose your starter pokemon. Every Pokemon has its own weaknesses and there is no one strong Pokemon and one strong type. It is like rock, paper scissors, only here there are fire, grass, water where fire kick your grass, grass beats water, water reduces fire to moot.

Pokemon fans and the gamers know and haved rued the choice they make upfront, as the starter/first Pokemon greatly eases or toughens their journey. You got to live with the choice you make and strive to achieve balance by developing a team of Pokemon that balances your team’s weakness and strength while battling other trainers.

Personal takeaway :

The most significant of all!

Similarly, choices in life are devastatingly difficult to make. One has to believe in the choices they make and stick to it, never stop improving their strengths, even out their weakness and shortcomings by developing new skills, take risks and remain committed to their choices. This is the ultimate learning of all. By accepting life as a RPG( Role playing game) all you have to do is choose. It has made defeats and losses a less bitter medicine for me to take. For me, life depends on the choices I make, like the Pokemon I choose for battle.

Like Pokemon, every choice shall have a weakness, a flaw, something positive and surely a consequence.

It is as easy as to choose to desert a friend or family who failes to notice or care for you, as it is to choose to release a Pokemon into the wild.

It is the rival you choose for yourself that shall define your standards.

Your better half, significant other or love interest, is like your starter Pokemon, whom you shall choose. Whom shall have strengths. Whom you shall believe in. Whom you shall negate of all shortcomings. Who you shall complement with your strengths.

Like how Pokemon evolve after gruelling battles, they too are prone to change after tough times and failures. Changes don’t make anyone any different. Ultimately, they too need acceptance of some kind. Maybe they seek acceptance for their changed selves.

Your choice is all that matters. Read and tread upon your choices carefully.

And you ask me why I say “Pokemon! I choose you!”

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