MCU- Mama/Maamis Cinematic Universe.

Time is just an illusion.

Said somebody somewhere, heard by everybody from anywhere, but understood by nobody from everywhere.

Time is being quantified and presented as a benchmark to emphasize various tasks or joys that we deem either ourselves eligible for or for nature to provide us with.

Let me tell me how I dawned upon some wonderful realization.

When someone talks about settling down my mind immediately goes to defensive mode. I can afford more picturization for you by saying, how these people who settled down in their 20s post employment,  settled down again post marriage, settled down again post first child again settled down post second child but still are responsible for the dust and rat shit generated from the rat race they are still running. The core of this ideology is the self imposed time frame within which apparently 3 stages of your life should happen before your 30s. If not, society shall sham you left-right, and after the mega serial characters, you shall be the most gossiped about in the society. If such social gossips of Maamis and Mamas were collected and formed into a movie plot this shall mark the beginning Fourth phase of the MCU- Mama/Maamis’ Cinematic Universe.

What I desire to bring to the picture is that time shouldn’t, if not eliminated,  factor the touchdowns of when things should happen or decide someone’s worth. Time is an illusion. If you think about it we do not actually live in years, months, weeks or days but fleeting moments. You may contemplate, be scared about future or think about using the time stone to reverse the past but what actually is, is the things happenings in the moment. For better understanding, for once imagine there is no quantifying unit to define time- no hours, no weeks, no days, no years. What would you do then? Do you feel the urge to skip the love and laughter inducing family dinner for an imminent deadline? Do you feel the fear to not wake up in time? Would you fake a smile to hide your despair of your marriage and your aging until you find the right person?

One excellent quote from the bible that I often resonate is the simple ” Ask, Believe, Find. Often we fail to grasp this simple idea and think too much about the constraints that have to be satisfied when meeting our goals.

Time need not factor this process of asking, believing and finding answers and your goals. If there is no quanitfying metric for time in our world, there is no meaning for destiny. It is ultimately your belief system that shapes you into who you want to be. So why should time be a factor in urging you towards accomplishments?

I do not deny the fact that there is an appropriate time to do things. Of course things should done with relevance to the moment. Strike the nail while it is still hot. But never strike the nail just because it is hot. Feel the need to strike it down to its end that it shall pierce all the blockade before it.

So I shall ask of the social pressure cookers and the people who light up these cookers to guide, to show awareness of time, but not actually use time to put us to a disadvantage to us.


A Pepsi generation kid.



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