A New Experience-One New Love A Day

Love is to be earned and not by simply grace the arm of another or covering a flickering lamp in a weird, creepy co-incidence. Trust me. If at least one of those people, to whom those pair of hands belong, were sane, they would have called the other a creep.

This a blog post to remind myself of a certain thing. This also a blog post which is a portrayal of what you can become if you stay over 2.30 in the night-delirious.

Still wanna read my pre-dawn rambles. Go on.

We all want to try something new in life. When I ask anyone how’s life they simply retort with a sight “ as usual” or the simple nothing new or the boring “edho going”. I am no good either. My life is mundane enough to be mundane-zoned. In fact you can call me the mayor of the mundane-zone.

To try something new is always on our cards but sparingly played. Novelty is the reason we keep living, interesting. New experiences are what make our brain roll. For an introvert new experiences can be the fresh book they read; voyages and crossovers . If you ask the extrovert they be like “That’s how we roll bro..”. For something new keeps us energized.

Change is often the child of trying something new. Something that intrudes us is that change is portrayed to be scary that we hesitate to connect with new people, new activities, new business ventures. Routine is said to be the sweet spot and lesser of the two evils. But how can we criminalize change without even giving it a fair trail. A tryst with new experiences only shall reveal what actually this path shall offer.

If you are convinced of new experiences as something good, check this one out.

This may not necessarily work for you, but it has opened roads and also floodgates for me.

Step 1: Unlock your phone- fingerprint, face detector, whatever..

Step 2: Open Whatsapp.

Step 3: Unlock whatsapp with finger, face detector, whatever..

Step 4: Under the Chats tab, locate the contacts button on the right corner.

Step5: Take a deep breathe.

Step 6: Hold your breathe.

Step 7; Take a deep breathe.

Step 8: Hold your breathe.

Step 9: Hold your breathe.

Step 10: Hold your breathe.

Just kidding.

What did you find there? Names? People? Ex(es)? Bitches? Best friends?

As you scroll below, what do you find?

Love? Smiles? Nostalgia? Ego? Hate? Frustration? Tears?

That’s okay.

If you are mature enough to put a password lock to whatsapp there is every chance that you are mature enough to have a person or a friend or a best friend or a crush or a long lost love or your sick boss, to whom you haven’t spoke for a really long time.

To have your new experience fulfilled by this blog post I’d recommend you to click on any one of those names and who may have hurt you or vice versa and broken up with you ages ago and speak. It doesn’t matter if you are the one who hurt or you received the sucker punch that sucked out of you all the hope for humanity and its purpose. Just tap the contact and ping a Hi. Once they reply, ask them a really personal or a dirty or a intimate, inside joke of a question that makes them feel naughty. This act maybe a dead end where the other shall deliberately fail to reply. That’s okay. I don’t ask of you to sacrifice your self-respect neither is this post a flag bearer for brotherhood. Through this act I do not want you to spread harmony, brotherhood and crap.

Just remember this. No is the ubiquitous answer for everything you haven’t tried. I am pretty certain that the rush, adrenaline and the thrill that rushes up when you send that supposedly profane hi is enough to endow an experience similar to jumping 10000 feet from the sky. The uncertainty that lies on the darker version you have imagined with that particular person whom you have chosen, promises you one of the best palm sweating moments.

For every person is a new experience. A life well lived is a life throughout which the person has shown great appreciation for love, beauty and friendship. A life well played is a life where you have had an impact on some level on a person. A life well loved is where you may have earned your love. You shall never know what has branched off from your mundane road, a left to revisit the dark past or a right where everything seems new and right. You need not sacrifice your ego. This is purely a selfish attempt at making a new experience for you to breathe on.

If you guys hit it off, like old times, it certainly is a path creating effort from you. A new two way street has opened for you and for your history with that person. It is certainly a refreshing attempt and way better than idly craving for new experiences. You may have found out a new business opportunity. You may have found a new freelance venture. You may have found out that this person has named their child after you. You may have found that the person had a crush on you earlier. You may have found out that the person is living only a stone’s throw away. You may have founded a new friendship with your old, jerk friend.

Found it inspiring?

Let me know if you try this any soon!


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