Talk more and responsibly


Do we actually realize how much we have ever accomplished, not personally, but across the ages by just talking? I may not be right, (I don’t have to be either) but talking must probably have been one of the earliest modes of communication. Contributing to a small part amongst the world’s affairs, my state has been constantly plagued my incessant, thorn in the flesh political problems, uncertainties, poor governance; any bad situation you name, hell yeah we are ridden of those. Amongst all turmoil, the one thing that happened with great vigor and vividly, was talking. People were trolled, personally dissected, their past pledges preyed upon, thrown slings and stones of outrageous accusations. Simply talking and trending tags on social media has shacked the current NDA government with which it won the elections. This proves that even amid all corrupt practices a democratic government shall thrive and fear on the ruling (eclectic) elite shall exist until people keep talking.

We have heard parents comment on their young ones and it goes like” Good gracious! What could they possibly be talking about?” Sometimes it would late realization too, like my grandparents still saying my mom and her sister the same. I have never seen anyone similarly comment on a couple. These kind of loose talks and never ending conversations keep the mood light hearted and far different to what Zack Snyder wants in a DC movie :p (joke-u joke-u). The point is how such a painless activity called small talk becomes a required skill and diminishes and becomes something that has to be trained and moderated as we grow up.

As we grow we have always been taught to whisper sensitivity, naivety but blatantly speak out mundane and non-judgmental stuffs. This is what makes us notoriously minimalistic with the way we have to choose our conversations. We are taught that growing commands maturity. As girls grow up they get a blueprint of what and how to talk, blocking the world from a view of fresh, more relevant perspectives. As guys grow up, they are heard around but those voices are confiscated and branded as emotional surges.

In this globalized society where barriers are a state of mind and cross cultural transactions are availed by just opening the lid of your laptop and where content, which is basically ideas in the forms of memes etc., can be spread just about anywhere and where introverts are heard more than ever (and extroverts are just talking :p), has become of ease. Like aforementioned, it is only a state of mind where we simply refuse to open and share our opinions on topics that may not be appropriate for our age.

The insight I have drawn from the millennial generation, or as the song goes-Pepsi generation, is that we absorb so much content and unconsciously we are more information addicted than the rest of our ancestral mankind put together. I sincerely hope that a BJP leader opens out his Vedas and scriptures and epics to prove me wrong. Jokes apart, this generation has absorbed more content than any of their predecessors using which they can practically talk about anything. A viral blog post or a viral song becomes a cool ice breaker these days.

However a mindset where comics are irrelevant for grownup conversations and that emotional chats are not for guy-talks and talking about menstruation is creepy, curbs growth. Of course there is a time, place, intimacy wavelength that have to be right for some topics. But some of these restrictions shouldn’t be backed by the bias on gender and age. Just because you have hit your 20s there is no reason you should bite your tongue if you talk about animation and fiction. Just because you are a guy and 16 there is no reason why you wouldn’t be curious on about a bleeding cycle. Just because you are alright doesn’t mean you should be judged to talk about LGBT.

Maturity is what actually speaks volumes about growth. I firmly believe this and if our maturity level is adjudicated based on the conversations we have let it be! Trust me, I personally can zap from talking about Pokemon, marvel and Kung Fu panda to talk about the diplomatic and strategic point of view on why Trump has to warmly welcome a despised Modi! And trust me I am the most introverted side of my family. So what is the metric one can judge me on? Simple. Do this thing I call don’t judge!

If the majority has set up a way of talking and what to talk and tells you that it is the only right way, it doesn’t mean it is! Trust me a majority can be an overwhelming number of fools who are wrong too! For more evidence, check out the number people who have voted Madi into power (name changed for no reason at all :p).

Democracy was laid under the principle of talking, choosing and representing. For true democracy to-forget thrive-even exist people, need to keep talking. Talking has to begin from home. The best part about living out this era is that no one can feel irrelevant in this world. A state of globalization and idea marriages have occurred which has made every person in this unmistakably different. Hence, every idea is worth it. The need to have intelligent conversations should be emphasized. Intelligent conversations can be realized by research. For research to begin there has to be awareness that such a topic exists. For awareness to proliferate we come back to stage 1- talking.

Talking promotes goodness. At homes it builds bonds. In the streets it emulates feelings. At school it can spread friendship and warmth. At colleges it can innovate and give rise to new perceptions. In social media it can cause collectivism and a feeling of ideological inclusiveness. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. As long as you have an open mind to correct it and feel good about it too, it can go a long way in shaping you and the generation you shall build. Ultimately, we shall benefit from the infliction of your talks.


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  1. Selva says:

    “talking must probably have been the first modes of communication. ” not right. Gestures were the first mode of communication


  2. Selva says:

    good in style, schnell in flow and sharp in thought


  3. Oh yah right! I overlooked that. Thanks!


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