7 DC vs Marvel Clashes

An overdose of Alan’s Avengers’ theme music prompted me to regroup and find my senses amongst these comic characters. With Avengers Infinity war a week away and hoping that my cousin shall once again play scapegoat for tickets, I hope this blog post is foreplay for all your comical fantasies.

For best effect please wear earphones, turn on the Avengers theme😋

PS: This article is mostly based on the MCU and DCEU and their animation portrayal of their characters.

Superman vs Deadpool

superman vs deadpool

A demi-god against Marvel’s badass, blatant spoof of Deathstroke’s, low-life, villan. Let us stack up their skill sets. Super man- a kryptonian with anything divided by zero strength (infinite :p) who can fly faster than any being and also for bonus measure, can shoot perfectly parallel red rays from his eyes. Deadpool has a repertoire of IQ backed moves, to a great extent-a perpetually recovering body, a-middle finger- I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude to pain, an arsenal of weapons and a hotter girlfriend( it doesn’t matter here does it? Just thought Deadpool should better Superman in a direct comparison). It wouldn’t be much of a battle when it comes to brute strength. However, I would like to see how Superman with a self-imposed restrain from killing rule, fare against Deadpool’s reckless, the-opponent-is-there-to-be-killed instinct! Though Superman’s super-everything can decide this fight, Deadpool’s high intellect with which he maneuvers his moves will be certainly an interesting one to watch. Also Superman is weak on two fronts- magic and kryptonite. Wade simply has no weakness. Maybe you can throw him into the sun, leave him in outer space etc. However a sharp jab of kryptonite, if Deadpool can acquire one (maybe from Lex Luthor), is enough to damage the splendid one. Even if superman is highly cognizant of his surrounding for anything green, DeadPool’s vicious moves to perform the jab to bleed can give him a good advantage.

Batman vs Ironman

batman vs ironman

Two billionaires from their respective universes with a different but equally shared quantities of internal conflicts. The honest abe vs the narcissistic savior. Gotham’s hero, trained himself on various fronts- stealth, disguise, martial arts, forensics etc, vs the billionaire, playboy and philanthropist Ironman. It doesn’t matter who says I am Iron/Bat man better (I am a personal fan of Bruce’s though) but who shall have the last laugh within their respective suits is what is at stake here. Often pitted as two counterparts from their respective universes and a limitless supply of wealth often bragged as their special power, these two intelligent super heroes grappling for the supreme billionaire-playboy-philanthropist title would be an intense battle. Ironman’s suit is virtually impregnable and Jarvis can deduce Batman’s moves in a jiffy. However Batman is tech-savvy (and rich enough) to supersede his own flaws (remember BvS?). Batman’s martial arts shall can pose as an elusive challenge for Ironman who has to solely depend on his suit for his moves. Iron man does has a plethora of long range shots which are hard to give amiss but a close-ranged, physical brawl shall see Batman walk the day or night!

Flash vs Hulk

hulk vs flash

Speed or Strength has always been a topic of argument since the dawn of imaginary times, which is forever. It is often difficult to choose between speed at the rate of light and strength at the rate of hulk himself. One has to relay on brute strength while the other has to depend on calculated aggression as he is as strong as humans with only fast recovering options. Let us not take into account any of the other forms of Flash or the Hulk. In their basic alter egos, I’d pretty much enjoy watching Barry incessantly and naively punching the hulk from various directions only to annoy the green monster. The Hulk has also showed good reflexes and if he can predict Flash’s incoming for once, it may cause the speedster a few ribs, maybe a ruptured spleen and a torn muscle. However if Barry Allan can find a way to calm down Hulk( “hey big guy” may do the trick) he is well on his way to victory. But a slight misstep that shall enrage the radioactive monster shall take the fight to dizzying speeds and heights. At full power, Flash can run around the planet six times to deliver a decisive blow or generate a tornado that can suffocate the Hulk or his vibrating hands can penetrate hulk’s body and damage any part of Hulk where Flash decided to stop his hand at. But Hulk’s World War mode has cited enough to show that Hulk can damage the entire planet on his own, which can stop Barry half way in his power-up for the Infinite Mass Punch. I too can visualize the battle but an animation-tailored shall be a great treat to watch.

Aqua man vs Thor

thor vs aquaman

Water conducts electricity, right? So basically anything in water shall get its crap beaten out, right? Shall this fight defy all our long-standing scientific learning? Can Aqua man turn the tides (he literally can) against the mighty Thor? Both weapon wielding Gods are representations of some poorly scripted movie franchises. However, a fight between Poseidon inspired against an actual God shall definitely be a big popcorn moment. I have found Mjolnir to be the coolest weapon ever fielded in any battle but the trident is a common place occurrence in any temple in India. So the latter is not so cool. Nevertheless, Aquaman is a mighty figure to matter. He is 150 times stronger than a human and 12 times faster in water, can command sea creatures at will and his trident can even pierce Superman’s skin. Maybe if the battle occurs amid the oceans Aquaman does have a better chance. Thor can also chance at directing thunder to kill all marine life making this a fist to face fight. When it boils down to that point, the clash of kings is a riveting contest. At their strengths, amid the wild oceans, the clash can play out as a grand contest.

Wonder Woman vs Spiderman

Wonder woman vs Spiderman

Wonder Woman is yet another over powered superhero; far more powerfully crafted than any of Marvel’s superheroes. If she had to lock her lasso against the web master, the mild mannered and highly intelligent Peter Parker it would definitely be an overwhelming victory. But the epitome of feminists has one weakness. Her own Lasso of truth. Wonder Woman is perfectly vulnerable to her own rope. Spiderman has always been a crafty and intelligent superhero. Apart from wielding the web and regenerative capabilities, spidey guy has often been sneaky in his moves, seamlessly webbing away his opponents and their weapons. If at all, Spiderman figures out a way to lock her away in her own lasso Wonder Woman can be rendered powerless. This is a difficult trick to manage but if there is one superhero who can pull this if, then it your friendly neighbor Spiderman.

Cyborg vs Ironman

ironman vs cyborg

Cyborg may not be as strong as the Ironman is portrayed to be. However his alien suit has often surprised us with life-saving and opponent shattering manouvres. But is this enough to face off against the self-made man Ironman. I believe it does! Ironman does have advanced technology. But is t more advanced than an alien tech that is scalable enough that it has blended into a human. Stark may have to rely on intellect rather than simply unloading all the firepower he can muster from Jarvis. Cyborg’s technology is another league and can analyze and strip down any robotic system from top to bottom. I believe Cyborg instantly recognized Darkseid’s tech in one of the Justice League’s movies and it would be matter of time before that happens to the otherwise awe-inspiring Ironman suit.

Teen Titans vs Fantastic Four

The Teen Titans vs Fantastic Four… By now you may be wondering why even start a fight. I know right. I may come across as being sadistic but I’d love to watch the likes of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Star Fire, Beast boy and Night Wing thrash the Fantastic Four for the dreadful reboot movie they gave Marvel fans. Robin and Raven itself shall easily overpower the lot. Trust me this one-sided gang war shall be an absolute delight to watch! The Teen Titans have done some awesome fights as a team and the Fantastic four are a bit more experienced than their teen counterparts. But if push comes to shove, the Teen titans shall easily overwhelm the quad squad. Then why this fight? Just to avenge that dreadful reboot!

Let me know your ideas on a clash like this in the comments!


11 Comments Add yours

  1. No one in the Marvel universe can match against wonder woman bruh.. if at all there’s a chance it is sneakily trapping her in her own rope.. I feel Spiderman can only do that

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Even a Demi god like Thor cannot stand a chance against Wonder woman. Thor ain’t intelligent enough

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Naahhh… Spidey wud hav been easily crushed… U cud hav chosen Thor… Atleast that wud hav made an epic battle fr the spectators…


  4. Spidey fended off against Superman in one comic crossover.. hope he can do the same with Wonder woman. But brute strength.. yeah Spidey will be crushed.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Actually nope… Spidey gave a try… Bt in the end Supes defeated him and they came to conclusion ovr a talk… Spidey s strong… True… Bt nt as strong as Superman or Wonder woman..


  6. If we are talking about comics, then I think we should have brought in Adam Warlock to beat the hell out of wonder woman.


  7. Wow. My thought pattern exactly!! The reason why I used characters only with DCEU and MCU here is again to connect with the readers ( spoken like a marvel fan). But yeah it was a killer move and exactly why I am a marvel fan too. In fact according to the comics hulk is stronger than Superman when it comes to brute strength! And this puny version of Thor is a big reason why I am a big fan.. easily relatable!


  8. And that’s how DCEU made it bad for themselves by having to create supremely horrific villains to match their heros. It is simply a writer’s nightmare


  9. Ha haa haa haa… Dope stuff bro… 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


  10. But seriously??? Wonder woman vs Spider man… Spidey has nuthng to do against a demi god..

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I feel like this article is simply based on the powers of superheroes showcased by them in the MCU and DCEU. DCEU never diluted the powers of their superheroes(so that isn’t a problem here), but MCU certainly diluted the strengths of their superheroes very much to help people connect with those guys (which is the reason why people love the MCU). Thor and spiderman are much more stronger in the comics, and there are chances that they might certainly beat wonder woman in an one on one. Plus, Iron man does have some pretty good fighting skills in the comics than in the movies. So he certainly isn’t just dependent on his ‘suit’ for his fighting and certainly can beat batman.


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