Some of the Pointless Arguments!

To debate is to disseminate information. You can be composed, aim and throw scathing attacks on anything and get away with it under the disguise of a “healthy debate”.

To argue is to prove nothing except how long you can shout at the top of your face without having the need to at the top of your game.  Almost all arguments are unpersuasive, unconvincing with out atoms of energy raising to Utopian levels and at the end everything ranging from your thoughts, opinions, perspectives, your wife remain the same. The only point you have proved and reinforced was  “All arguments are pointless.”

But taking the cake here would be some “baseless arguments” that we would all have had. These arguments are those ones which we may have argued for hours and hours. Some may include the one you would have had with your partner on the better song during your drive to the office. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. But the point is that both the song and the ride wouldn’t have lasted for more than 5 minutes, but your arguments would have gone on forever.

Does it ring a bell? Excellent! Now scroll down to know more of these relatables.

Actors, Actresses, Singers and alikes!

Image result for marvel vs dc memes
Inevitable and relatable!

The mundane’st’ of all Baseless arguments. If you hadn’t argued who is the hotter of two movie stars and stalwarts then who probably haven’t lived at all! These are commonplace occurrences where the fans launch  a series of serious Age of Empires defense tactics to carefully let out arguments so that they don’t get trapped by their own words. These arguments are carefully planned by either of the sides. How many times have we cited Ajith’s Mankatha when he has a daughter as old as the movie itself. How many times was Vijay’s Thuppaki  dissected and demeaned!  But in time, quality works by your favorite artist(s) become exhausted and the argument turns illogical. It is at such times a the neutral fan enters the battlefield aiming to resolve the issue and eventually becomes the bhakra of the battlefield. Both the fans become satisfied, even though they haven’t proved or convinced the other.

Marvel vs DC

Image result for marvel vs dc memes

Some of the battles take place across universes. No! I am not talking about Star Wars. This is much bigger and the participants of these arguments have something bigger at stake. This their own Cinematic universes at stake. Marvel may have ripped off certain characters from their counterparts but everyone should be aware that Aquaman, Shazaam aren’t  original brainwaves either. But how many (office) hours have you spent trying to prove your claim! I believe that the world would be a better place if we celebrate the creativity  and endorse both. I also believe that the world would be a better place if everyone simply accepts that Marvel is better universe!.

But then.. What do I know?

Pokemon vs Naruto  vs Dragon ball Z

This is one of my favorites where I root for Pokemon and team up with the DBZ mouth piece and destroy the Naruto fan.

Related image

These are another set of baseless battles where the argument lies beyond scope and reasoning giving it all the characteristics of a Pointless argument. In my previous mentions there was scope for at least some common sense as common elements were compared. This argument transcends them pitting martial arts against Pokemon a completely different genre!

Mosquito vs Housefly

These were innocent but rather furious arguments with my cousin.

We argued who was the fastest, meanest, stealthiest of all!

But we were quite intelligent to realize soon( give or take 6 years) that neither the mosquito nor the housefly knew or cared about this.

Books vs Movies

Image result for books vs movies

These are somethings we should rather embrace for what each of them bring to the table or your seats in the theater. A well gripping story line with good metaphors that directly strike the sweet and all the other spots in your brain can be as good as any movie. These preferences actually reveal more about your own self  than your interests. It reflects your patience, your thirst for information, your reading interests, your extrovert-introvert preferences, your girlfriend’s movie/book interests etc.  Ultimately this is yet another argument that ends in a draw.

Pepsi vs Coke

This is another unhealthy debate on some unhealthy drinks.

Image result for pepsi vs coke memesThough the differences are intricate, brotherhoods have been divided (me and my otherwise “sweeter than Pepsi” cousin) in this battles. Who cares what we drink in the mind numbing heat? Actually, we do!


What are you favorite pointless arguments?

Comment below!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Virus overloaded says:

    Vijay vs ajith
    Cricket vs football


  2. Debac Manigandan says:

    Seriously… Marvel??? 🙄🙄🙄


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