Writer’s block Rant-2

Amid staring face to face with imminent deadlines and insane demands from my otherwise sweet clients it is becoming perpetually difficult to write, let alone write something that inspires. I have already pledged to my writer alter ego that I shall always write about happy, positive and life supporting topics. If my mind had a mouth of its own and without me being the mouth piece it would definitely behave contrary to my self-hyped “The Unbreakable Vow” admonishing without any regard to censure my write-ups.

A writer’s block is definitely not any themed cafe and that is one place you should not take your writer date to ( Unless you want to breakup with him/her, that is!). Any writer knows that in him there lies unlimited creativity. He knows that he can play with words and deliver scathing criticism, clandestine courting, flawless flirting and what not. Words are his biggest strength that not only shall give him the worldly resources to live but also meaning to his life.

Take for example the Justice League. What if each and everyone of them wakes up one night to realize their superhuman strength gives them a miss. Of course, Marvel wins! They shall retain their alter egos of being a billionaire, a journalist, a scientist and Aqua Man! #MarvelRocks!

The point here is, power not only gives authority but also an identity. When one day you have a vortex of vocabulary, begging to be bled and the next day they presumptuously say “You Suck!

Honestly, even after incessant suffering and continually being plagued by this obnoxious state of mind I have never learned to bring myself out of it or even prevent it from happening. It instills serious insecurity issues and trust me, no sort (and amount) of girlfriend can help you here!

The point of this post.To dust off the metaphorical cobwebs of my blog and trying frantically to retain some of the word power.

Maybe Expresso Patronum!


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