Oh Yeah! #Me too!

This shall be a quick note of my conscience on the social upsurge in expressing sexual harrasment. I would like this follwing write-up to be a gentle reminder for my future-self of how I feel.

I recently learned that articulating on topics which one fear’s atleast once, shall help them to be more clear and oratory on speaking about it in the future. Hence I first want to congratulate and bow down to all the brave forerunners who exposed the infidelity committed against them in open.

No! I wasn’t sexually harassed at any point in my life. The farthest I have managed to turn anyone on is a transgender who winked and asked me out and freaked me out. But my silence, our silence, on women shaming has ย led to a point of collective amazement . Amazement that occurs after we are exposed to the fact that women shaming is mundane, a commonplace occurence. Amazed at the acceptance of the large number of women who are harassed!

I too was one among those who were silent over all the shaming. I too was a part of the fear-ridden that chose to stay silent unless our own kith and kin encounters one! I too was part of all the “to ignore is bliss” mentality that has prevailed in our society when a women was being shamed right before our eyes. I too played cool gangster to all the cold, overwhelming ogling when I should have asked them to stop when the going gets creepy.

I deeply regret for deliberately avoiding and courting controversy among my peers. I deeply regret as I was mute to all the shaming! So yes! #MeToo.


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  1. Debac Manigandan says:

    Cool post bro… ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ


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