Mersal- A Review- Satisfying, Content!

Movie reviews are not my things to attempt at and not definitely not a thing I am  adept at( which I realized at the end).  However this is one movie in a long time that has given expectations and has lived to meet it. Hence, case put to rest, I am writing one.

The long wait has finally culminated in what could be an award sweeping movie for the year 2017. The Atlee-Vijay combo has gone to prove what a dynamic, commercial, powerful, social message delivering tool the partnership can form if they unite for another flick. This has only raised the usual nostalgia of expectations for the hat-trick flick for this duo. Atlee keeps it simple and does what he knows to do best; strong story telling. He seems to be a natural in using Vijay as a tool than just a commercial element to propagate his intent, be it a social message or a massy movie. By far, this is the most judicious use of 140 crores by any director in Tamil industry! Atlee knows how to pack a compelling story with commercial elements very well.

Mersal was a different experience as I had to watch a Tamil movie in a Kannada state with an unusually classy audience in a first day first show.  However the movie had all the commercial elements to incite even the mutest of audience to reverberate movie halls.

Three words! Vijay looks terrific. If there is something this actor cannot do then it is, getting old! It is no secret that Vijay takes three alter egos. However as the villager is where he has weaved most of the charm. Charming smiles, ferocious moustache tweaks, spine chilling anger and what not! It is once again the trustworthy, guardian angel, people’s leader role. Although such a typical villager role is something he frequents, this role, Vetrimaran Thalapathy, is by far the best facelift Vijay has ever received. Portrayed as a larger than life character,  it is safe to say that 44 year old actor shall look good with a salt and peppered beard and hair if he ever ages! The three roles he had taken up in this movie are not unprecedented ones. The magician’s role is some foreign territory though. However you have to suspend disbelief and stop being a muggle to digest some scenes involving the wizard. Nevertheless, he has done more than justice to that role. Every magic trick he does, culminates in a face expression that finishes of the magic trick and you, if you are Vijay fan!

Every song was at the pinnacle of positivity and vibrance. Visuals were uber cool and colorful. Aalporan Tamizhan is sure to give you goosebumps and the actor’s moves are another wow factor! The placement of songs is something that shall draw fire. To be more explicit, the songs were imposed than to have been placed. The songs dont give anyone the go-by, and consequently the impact is obvious on screen. They slow down the pace of a movie that already has so much story packed into it. The Mozart of Madras has given timeless tracks to the movie. Atlee and G.K Vishnu have wonderfully seized the opportunity, continuing to project the visual with great splendor. Other than the forced imposition of songs, no regrets!

This team has a star studded cast has performed well and lived upto its expectations. Vadivelu  tickles more than just bones in the movie and has portrayed how versatile of a character he can be. Usually vadivelu’s comedies take a sub plot in the movie with comedy scenes demanding the intelligence of the director to be placed smartly, away from the main story. Here the Vagai Puyal perfectly blends with the protagonist and skillfully delivers comedies to evoke laughter, something the actor had lost the penchant for! Samantha, Kajal, Kovai Sarla do some good acting but just warm the seats. The strongest female character in the screen is Nithya Menon. Taking up a character role, the Malayali actress has once again proved why she is one of the most versatile actresses in the Kollywood circuit. With a powerful dialogue delivery, next to none (if not nayanthara) , she plays a bold wife and has essayed the character role as if it is her niche!

SJ Surya shall very well be the Machiavelli of Madras. The point of dedicating an entire paragraph accentautes or emphasizes how powerful as a villain I saw him on screen. His dialogues with his typical, unadulterated, maniacal, money-frenzied(for the scene demanded one) laugh projects him to the levels of  the long lost villains of Kollywood exhibited by the demeanour of Prakash Raj and Raghuvaran.

The movie could have had a better software side. Dialogues were well researched and were therefore well received. But if you want a commercial movie to deliver a social message and be emotion inciting, thought-provoking at it, then the dialogues should pack more than just a punch and a deliver a scathing aggression of slings and arrows from the verbal quiver, on the problem in hand. A lot of political satires and sarcasm flew across the room and the reels but could have been delivered with a more impact. But one thing to take away is that if you want Vijay and Atlee is one team up that can anytime propagate any social message and shall definitely accentuate political criticism. 

All said and done, Mersal is for all audience, exposing infidelity and delivering a social message.  It is for the ardent Vijay fans who are ready to rip their throats off for every God-like entrance the movie has put in the offing and it is definitely for the family audience who desire to relax over the long weekend. Consider watching and you shall not regret.

Maybe dialogues could have been more powerful.

Maybe songs shouldn’t have been imposed.

Maybe some scenes shall ask you to suspend disbelief and accept whatever Vijay does.

But maybe this is what the Best Masala movie of the year should have!

To Mersal, To astonish!

My review: As a vijay fan- 4/5 – Mersal will be your mania!

Unbiased- 3/5 – Satisfying, content! 

Oh yeah! Happy Diwali!

How was Mersal? Leave your comments below!


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  1. Debac Manigandan says:

    Osmm bro… 👌👌👌


  2. shiva says:

    However you have to suspend disbelief and stop being a muggle to digest some scenes involving the wizard..👌👌👌


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