Purpose of your life in 7 minutes

The purpose of your life can be figured out in just 7 minutes. The World Wide Web (I could have just mentioned WWW but using three distinct words shall make my post longer and boost my Search Engine Optimization rankings, see I did it again!) is filled with a panoply of articles and bloggers anxious to matter and anxious to help you figure out your purpose in life. Amazon boasts of about 10000+ books on self improvement that shall put you on track to fulfill for whatever your parents procreated you for! However, if you are a conscientious person, a person who has a clear conscience that does not lie to oneself, then I believe it can just take just 5 minutes to figure out the actual purpose of your life.

  1. Who you are?

  2. What you love to do?

  3. Whom do you want to do it for?

  4. What they want/ need from you?

  5. How they change as a result?

To serve a reference and prove that it actually works let me put myself as the lab rat for the next 7 minutes. I guarantee you the following shall not take more than7 minutes to run through!

7 minutes on the trot! Lets go!

Who are you? #agirlwithnoname (serupaala adipen)

This is simple. Stupid. Yet self-motivating.

This is just your name! You are unique in every way possible. Trust me when I say your name is your biggest asset. Your name shall be the sweetest music when put in any sentence. Your name is gonna be somneone else’s muse. Your name is gonna personify the purpose once you achieve it! This is simply who you are.

Test Case1: Naveen

What do you love to do?

 I am sorry, But listening to Justin Bieber or reading Chetan Bhagat is not relevant here! This is that rock like interest among other ruins. However mediocre you may be , you will strive to improve it. You shall be exceedingly happy on completing it, irrespective of bouquets and brickbats. Ask your conscience. What is that one thing you would love to even after heavy criticsm. Or.. What is that one thing you would love to do after a day of heavy criticsm?

Whether it be writing, art, coding, design, photography, social work- what will be that one thing that you resort to with your teeny tine energy levels on the dusk of an exhausting day?

Test Case2: Writing

Whom do you want to do it for? #notyourex

Who is your audience you want to direct your service to. It is not practical at all to invest all your time and energy to serve each and every needy in this world. You shall never have that kind of luxury in terms of money and time. Ponder! Contemplate ! Do you want to write to entertain? Do you want to revert rape victims to routine? Do you want to be  a Subject Matter Expert for budding entreprenuers? At this moment, find whose life or career you want to make better.

Test Case3: Students

What do they need or want from you?

Ask yourself as you read this ” What do people want from me as I do my service”. What do people want from you? If you are a doctor, then what do you think people expect from you. If you are an engineer, what do you think your contractors/ employer expects from you. Only you can be true to yourself. So ask yourself! What si that one thing you offer that people return to you asking for more?

Test Case4: Creativity, Clarity, Ways to solve problems.

As a result, how does their life change? #askmybestfriend

Again! Ask yourself. How does your service affect the other person’s life? If you had guided him to  a successful sales pitch then you had just increased his salary by 15% for the month. If you had fed a dying youth a morsel, then he may have imbibed enough energy and inspiration to feed others transforming and maybe terraforming lives of others. If you had rendered your photography skills to a wedding then you have just frozen time itself Your picture shall make the couple embrace love over and over again, when they fight over and over again in the days imminent!

Test Case 5: This can be easily explained thanks to something that happened today! A student asked me to ghostwrite his Statement of Purpose. I did, and low and behold I was contacted and thanked by his consultancy for his application which was rejected earlier for visa approval and college admission and finally pulled through. I actually did something( unanticipated) that fulfilled the aforementioned student’s educational aspirations! I believe, this alone shall do the needful to wake me up next day to fulfill a purpose. #subtlypitchingfreelancingservices

SO combining all test cases:

I, Naveen, loves writing to create, clarify, solve problems for students so that they realize their educational aspirations.

Thats true! To educate is my purpose! These 5 Wh questions are perfect! It works! I am so surprised to ask another Wh question What the f****?!!

If you look closely, other than the first two questions, the rest are about other people. The more you work for others, the more move away from retentious desires, the more you become unselfish, the more you shall feel secure. When you help people as a part of your purpose you shall lose the fear of losing itself! As more people benefit from you, you’ll know that someone, someday shall help you in your need. Life will make sure that someone holds your back as you did them. At the end of the day, do onto others as others do to you!

PS: If you find this interesting, then is one more unwritten purpose to your life. Comment below! 



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