Yet Another Jimmiki Kammal tribute

Many a writer has found inspiration while traveling. So I too decided to move my lazy arse out of its place. I decided to take a walk down the conveniently long Bannerghata Road. I wanted inspiration to tap the no nonsense me in me so that I may find something to refurbish my year old blog. Instead I was tapped by a transgender who ultimately after asking money and my name, asked me out. Ok, that is a different story. But hey, atleast I managed to turn somebody on! #iamstraight. After walking enough I turned on my music player before I could personally turn on somebody else and guess who was at the top! #JustinBieberisabottomfeederinmyplaylist. It was a story of a boy whose dad who stole his mom’s jimmiki kammal. Consequently his mom stole his dad’s brandi bottle!


Ok! So let’s do this. I agreed. The Jimmiki Kammal sensation has thrilled me enough to give me sleepless nights. I started staying long into wee hours to decipher the lyrics of the song. After extensive search and constantly badgering my mallu friends I still wasn’t able to find the actual meaning of the lyrics. Finally I gave up and I exceeded all expectations and did the unimaginable. I went crazy enough to post a question in Quora requesting an answer to my Jimmiki Kammal dilemma. Hey in my defense I am now a working professional (yes I am getting paid and all) for whom insomnia shall do no good. So if anyone comes across such a question please do realize it one shitty writer from Madurai suffering sleepless nights in Bangalore and provide your response with the traditional “thanks for the A2Ä”.


Not to sound like standup comedians but it been a while since the  Coconut nation has become famous for something other than beef or a reference to that insane number of country cousin in the gulfs. Entammede jimmiki kammal is and has been spreading as an epidemic across the nation thanks to meme creators and over enthusiastic Tamil lads who have always maintained an admiration to the ethnicity and traditional elegance of the silk in cream.

So what is this out of the nowhere beat that has reached the ears of the hotshot talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel.

The song is an upbeat music from complete actor Mohan Lal’s Velipadinte Pusthakam. The video of the song is a non chalant dance with absolutely no stars to speak of. The song towards its end features Mohanlal gracefully gracing the screen for a laa la lala la culmination.


The Tamil movie electorate has always been a fan of kuthu songs. Believe me when I say when Tamils show huge appreciation for such upbeat kuthu music. Be it the completely non sense Lungi Dance, which is fuck all tribute to Tamil Nadu according to stand up  comedian SA, or the non Tamil lyric Why this kolaveri di which extended the ghanna swag to the Bollywood electorate, or the complete gibberish, Pistah song from Neram which is the current IPl song, kuthu songs have always remained relevant across all generations of Tamil people.


American television host, writer, producer and comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s proves that the song and her dance has crossed borders. The American TV host took note of the song after a Twitter user sent the dance video of Sheril Army to him. A twitter user brought to his notice the similarity between ‘Jimmikki Kammal’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ along with the video of a group of girls dancing to the song.


Various spin offs have manifested in the form of cover videos and musically videos. The Onam dance video, another casual effort from the girls of Indian School of Commerce is now going to leave a prolonged impression in everyone’s minds. The video has proven evidence that it has found its favorite among the hearts of Tamil Nadu’s youth and allegedly much disdain among the ladies. Here me out ladies. Mallu girls are a thing, an art on their own. They are from God’s own country. What else do you expect? Anyways, spinoffs range from cover videos by dance companies to families in Dubai. In fact the Jimmiki Kammal dance by ICS has found so much endearment that the lead dancer has gathered an army on her own. She is the new Khaleesi in town!


Jimmiki Kammal is now everyone’s music of choice. It shall be of no surprise if it is a recurring track in everyone’s playlist. Next time when you log into Facebook and it asks you whats on your mind, I bet the answer shall be Entammede Jimmiki Kammal!

Find the official song below!



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  1. Sheril army.. lolzz.😂😂


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