Career vs Love- Battle of the Binaries

After years and years of thought. After hours and hours of research it boils down to this. A blog post! How hard can it get to decide which is better. So let me announce the contenders of tonight. SO read the following in the voice of a ceremony hosts’s booming voice.

The following is a one on one match. At one corner is the ageless, timeless abstract. The enigmatic feeling that has lingered long enough and strong enough to meander into the minds of people turning them into poets. It is the best muse there is. It is second to no positive feeling in this world. Gods have descended down from the heavens to preach love. One such prophet did not just descend but condescended to a human form to spread love, understanding and positivity. Such is this powerful emotion! Ladies and gentleman, from the farthest corners of the world, from the heavens high above, weighing absolutely 0 pounds but still the heaviest thing to carry in your heart and capable of breaking it into pieces! Raise your hands for– LOVE!

His opponent..The one and only to beat love time and time again! There is something else too giving love a run for its money. It demands love to be sacrificed. The irony is that it is powered by love too! Put your hands, pens, cut boards, keyboards, laptops for —  CAREER! An addiction when left unattended. The power it can provide, the authority it can authenticate, the resources it allows one to reach, the identity it can instill one with, the satisfaction it can settle one with is humongous! When this spirit called career possess you, you position yourself to face any hardship in life. You give a damn all logic to the society and the people around you that your impose blinkers on yourself. These blinkers direct you to your goal giving you no sight of the naysayers around you. So potent is this feeling too!

Let me proceed with the following passage. Consider this passage to be neutral. What these following passages reflect on is totally your call.

It is always a beautiful feeling to pursue it. The thrill, the adrenaline rush you face in the pursuit of your envisioned dreams is totally out of the world. Initially every success you face in this course contributes to a jubiliant feeling. That jubiliance is worthy enough to shed every other important aspect of your life. You shed your friends in pursuit. To run towards your dream-envisioned you have left your family far far away, figuratively and geographically. The intial joy is so up your veins and arteries that you spend time with it and into it more than ever.

Subsequently, you enter a phase where you need to put effort in order to retain the joy. The effortless pursuit now becomes demanding and now makes you think about every second of your irreplacable time in the offing. Suddenly the ecstacy disappears. It becomes exhausting to move forward.

Down the line, you intend to stay in the path realizing the value of the efforts you pumped into it. You are answerable to every pump the heart made, every sweat your pores shed and every tear your eyes squeezed out in order to reach this place. Fearing to move on you just tend to hold on!

Now, the efforts become too daunting. You realize you have to scale the bizzare. You realize the things you have left far far away. You reach the point where you have to be calculated. Intially the risks you thought you can take easily now present themselves before you demanding to be taken.You have to make choices now. Its either this or your family. Its either this our your friends. Its either this or a movie night. Its either this or a date night. Its either this or your last minute practice. Its either your sons birthday or your promotion prompting work.


So read again. Now let me know about what I was talking about. Did the preceeding pasages talk about love? Did the preceeding passages talk about career? Astoundinly similar, aren’t it? 

SO which one do you do prefer to lean on? Will you prefer to be the ladder climber and profess to the world how exciting and exuberating it is out there? Or will you be that die-hard romantic who can will persist to the ground and sometimes go under it to retain the love of your life?

If LOVE is your longing:

If a certain love is true and you are certain about it then it will be hard to give it a mis.. True love is hard to find. I for instance have always been at the recieving of an unrequited love from my parents that I find it tiring to extend the same to others. Such is the sacrifice and tenacity true loves exhumes. On such an encounter, in this god-forsaken world, you have to consider it. For true love is what we earn for ultimately. You desire to ascend in your career and take command of the resources in the offing only to spend it for the people you love(or is it just me). But when that true love is on the line then what becomes the point of blindly pursuing the enriching career you desire. Ultimately love is all! As at the end of the day you caanot curl in the bed with your career.

If Career is your covet:

Remember your career isn’t going to wake up some day suddenly and tell you that  it doesnt love you anymore. However a girl/boyfriend, a family can! Yes! Some day you can always wake up, look into the mirror and say “hey, I need a change”. You can always look into the eyes of your better half and say I need to reinvent myself. I need a change in what I  do. I think I should start my career afresh. A supportive better half who powers positivity in you shall always welcome that idea.

Consider this.. One day you wake up. You claim you need to change your boyfriend/ husband. This time looking into the eyes of a better half. Yes, you can perfectly understand where this going to .

And this post is not for the moms who are pondering whether to return to work after a lassitude infsuing break. This battle of choices is for the young who have to face conflict with love for their career.

You ask me. I shall choose career before anything and everything else shall be the third whell. The early 20s is the most exciting time to live. You can take risks , be reduced down to living and wandering the streets, lose, lose again , lose one more time, lose your mind and finally get the breakthrough to show up to your naysayers and your moms’ soothsayers who predicted all sorts of negativites and incited your parents to ensure that you stay restricted and away from risks and say “Haha.. You are punked!”. Your career need not upon destiny. Neither will you let destiny take control of it nor will you let anyone else have a say. Make or break. WIn or lose. Rgret or Rejoice It is all because of you. This addictive independence and the autonomy your career provides ,ales it an attractive choice for any youngster with a desire that is more or less rocket fuel.


Now I put my career before everything. It is outside the realm of possibility for me to put anything before it. I believe that one cannot have it all. Nope. Definitely not right now. Howevr if I face a conflict I believe I’d want my love (my better half or my my family)  to be strong enough to hope and put their  rocket of desire to God. I’d want to keep my unwavering commitment to my career so that I’d reach my desired point in the figurative or corporate ladder on time to reunite with my love. I should learn to  know when to stop , decelarate and take my love pillion riding in the journey of my career. Then it is possible that I shall  have it all!

Now for the conservative people out there who think that I am well Aan informed boy who shall not stray into distractions at this age. Think again. When I say I shall put my career before love it means I shall put everything I have to extend my love to- my family, my friends, my girlfriend if any- second to my career only. Now think again!

SO what do you think is your better half? Leave your comments below!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandhyaa says:

    The dilemma is very common in our country!
    If you follow a passion, even your parents will feel insecure.


  2. John Akhilesh Abinesh says:

    I just took a glimpse.
    Sorry, for not reading it completely.
    It is awesome… Actually
    As far as I’ve seen
    But I suck at both… Love and career
    So I don’t feel that connect.


  3. poojasd404 says:

    Awesome!! Every person of our age would have definitely felt this!!! 😉


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