Thanks From A Middle Class MSDian.

Dear Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

I know your birthday is done a day ago.  The verbal orgasm I mentioned in my previous post hasn’t subsided and hence I shall go the distance to give you what Ravi Shastri shall say and I quote” Just what the doctor has ordered”. This is a letter of whole-hearted gratitude. When I say I shall lose a limb to meet you, I totally mean it. Considering the fact that your birthday is over let this be an after party tribute!

First of all, I thank you for what you have done for our country. We love you for what you are and for what you have done for our nation. You have been the purest form of inspiration to all middle class dreamers like me. You are one of the best captains to have ever graced this game. Thanks to you, the aplomb a player displays has become the benchmark of a strong captain and leader irrespective of the field.

Composure and self reliance are the two new symbols of a trustworthy captain. No longer does a captain should heed to and satiate his player’s wishes but also carry the hopes of billions. On a turf which is filled with bouquets which are actually slow bouncers( easy to connect if careful, but get complacent only to get caught and bowled by the bowler) and career finishing criticism which are as dangerous as the slinging yorkers, you have managed to pull through every one of them with acute sense and attitude. You may have reaped the fruits of labor that Ganguly actually sowed. But I strongly feel 2019 is the time when you shall be rewarded for all the perspiration you have spent on players like Rohit and Dhawan. Usually Indian cricket is said to have produced two fine cricketers but in this case Indian cricket is thankful to you for producing such talent.

Every time I hear “Enga thala Dhoni ku periya whistle ku adinga” you have no idea the surge in emotion and the guaranteed goosebumps I get. I am as clueless about this excess exuberance arising out of nowhere as clueless as you are with slower deliveries. But I hope we both sort it out in time( you should do it faster though)  Thanks for giving the IPL cup a home at the Anna Salais and Triplicanes and OMRs. Thanks for the Champions Trophy  that pinned Chennai on the map as a great cricketing destination.Thanks for exploiting the talents of Marina with Balaji, Badrinath, Ashwin. I love the work and the idea sex that happens when you play Bahubali and Ashwin plays Kattapa with his willy carrom ball.

I am totally awaiting the moment you don the yellow jersey. I intend to be there when each of the Seven (kingdoms) teams pronounce “Winter is Coming”and in turn you show them why you are still the grand daddy. The fortress at Chepauk is helpless and without your helicopter(shots) on guard. Let’s teach them that “The South too remembers!” Please take your rightful place and risk being seeing with all you glory. I do not care about your slower reflexes and tacky hand eye co-ordination. You have pushed yourself beyond your limits and as long as you do that I shall defend you and your decisions to my grave.

Thank you for showing us that the limelight is for anyone who has a compelling perseverance to hog it.  Thank you for showing us that miracles can be performed by the weakest of the kind even at the most threatening times if we choose to believe in them. Thank you for showing us that you can deploy all your resources at hand and yet lose.Thank you for showing us that the stronger we believe in our efforts the more powerful magic we can perform. Thanks to you we are able to believe in ourselves and  and the exaggerated version of our dreams. Thanks to you I was able to reinvent myself. Thank you for showing us that we should treat every part of the process alike. Thank you for emphasizing and making us understand that we are still playing the game as long as we aren’t declared lost or have comprehensively won. Thank you for showing us what it means to win the World Cup. Thanks for showing us that greatness can neither be born nor be made, but lies within.


Happy birthday MSD!


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  1. Eskay says:

    Nice ! There are uncountable instances where Dhoni has helped India win the match with his presence of mind. The most intelligent cricketer out there. Memories of CSK are still fresh as ever!


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