MSD Is Might!- A Secret of Success

This post shall probably be published just before Dhoni’s birthday reaches it’s end. But if anything is not taken to the death overs, it ain’t MSDian right. So let me take after my cult leader and let me excuse myself from publishing in the last minutes of his birthday. Just a decade ago a young lad with no soap box to stand upon stood under the limelight. God had given him a stage, a cricket bat to perform. His dad warned him against getting involved. He believed that cricket and sports are for the elitists.

However this lad was too determined to give his dreams a go-by. He knew what picture to paint and he intended to set the scene. He let the nation know  that winning is part of their gene. His decisions divided his critics yet multiplied the silence that followed.

We all know the glory and the gory of his career. On carefully scrutinizing his game I believe there is one strong approach he follows that can help any one become a successful and more importantly find satisfaction.

Anticipation is inevitable. This inevitable is due to a particular end result. We all follow a result centred approach striving for our goal. We envision the end result because we are trained at the grassroots to do so. Again lets put our highly erroneous but unquestionably followed academic structure to the flogging floor. Our academic training is such that the best result wins and the entire goal is to achieve a particular result. Trust me when I say “The result is never in anyone’s control. Only destiny has any say on the result.” The result oriented approach has made our life so linear and makes us follow an arithmetic progression such that, you are satisfied only when your attain the expected result. However you do not choose the result. The result chooses you!

This is when a Ranchi lad becomes the worst sceptic of this highly followed belief or practice or whatever you call it. He follows a process centric approach making him the eccentric captain of all times! No obscurity hence. He isn’t spoilt for choice as he focuses only on the present which greatly reduces the number of prospects that can contribute to the result.



Consider a conical flask where the result is at the end which is the broader base. The length between the top and the base is the path to the result. The future is at the end of the funnel . The possibilities of the future are in abundance covering the entire base of the funnel. Let your present be the top of the funnel. It lies in the narrow opening and hence is close ranged. SO it is evident that you can easily get confused by the possibilities present at the base. However the top, the present, is easily conceivable. Resultantly the process at the present is easily reachable and the possibilities are easily curated. This is how our cult leader plays his game. Play the present . Live and love the process. Persevere through the process. The result shall fall into place.

Even if the result slips through your fingers or even never reachable there is lot of learning in this process focussed approach. We always question Dhoni taking the game to the death overs. In between he spends so much time in the middle wearing out the bowlers and he makes relevant runs in the middle and allows tension wreck the nerves out of his opposition and subsequently finishes things of in style in the death overs. He spends so much time nurturing the process that the result chooses him. He exercises captaincy over ever over and is very much focussed until the last ball. The toss is a process. The first ball is a process. The 17th 18th 19th over is a process each. Using Ishant Sharma for the 17th over was a process We were all looking at the 18 ball game when we needed a wicket in the next six balls. MSD knew the best option he had to rake wickets was Ishant as he was the only bowler who can command a bouncer with his top angle release. The move paid off in spades!

A process centric approach gives you more confidence and self-assurance. You are compelled to live the present, make what you want only from the resources available at the present, form results for the present scenarios. You are forced to take one process after the other giving more clarity on a result you exactly want. Such an approach makes you consciously satisfied. Such an approach may not give you the expected result. Instead the innovations in your process however minute they maybe effect in a positive way. Predictions adulterate decisions. You make use of the perception you have at the present and fabricate a result for that particular process.

My fingers are racing to reach out to type every word ever made legitimate. This man incites a verbal orgasm making me jerk off words in the best  way possible. I don’t question his methods. Win or defeat, I have never turned my back on him. Because there is one and only one explanation to all the decisions he has summoned till now. He is Mahendra Singh Dhoni!

Happy Birthday MSD!


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