Man! I miss Chennai!

Reading such a title on a torrid summer day shall be obnoxious. At a time when people in Chennai contemplate on giving the city a miss, I know missing Chennai can be challenging. But with June drawing near and the summer fading away I think we can spare some love for our splendid city.

Four years down the drain(because I pursued an engineering course) and the November rains I am back home whiling away my time by writing full-time and keeping myself busy with some serious Pokémon watching. My blog has gathered enough dust and not many visitors since my last post. I have always wanted to write about Chennai and I finally did.

Half a decade has given me enough if not entire the  insight on the city. Chennai is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the world. It’s also consistently ranked as the number 1 city to live in India.  What makes this city stand out in spite of sophisticated and superfluous modernization around the country? Chennai is the most sober city among the tier 1 cities. Chennai has the most conservative crowd.  Chennai is almost insular to Tinder. Yet one can easily have maintain a secret crush  for this city.

Let’s personify the three biggest cities-Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad- in South India. Take a classroom where three guys are vying for a girl. Bengaluru wins the race anyway; a sophisticated and modern is a girl’s turn on any day. Hyderabad enters as the sulking introvert who shall eventually become friendzoned as he his second best in everything. He shall be the respite when your relationship with Bengaluru is exhausting and you need a break over the sugary sambhars he offers.  Enters Chennai, boasting his countless beaches and divine cuisine. He shall never win the girl because Bengaluru is flaunting enough. Bengaluru continues to entertain her and spews enough sophistication. However Chennai shall be that guy, the boyfriend shall never allow his girlfriend to talk to. Admit it! He’s got style of his own. He may never be someone of Bengaluru’s league. Yet, he is intimidating and can easily emasculate Bengaluru if he tries.

Everyone has a favorite city and the best city shall always be subjective. You have too many parameters to consider and eventually there comes no conclusion. So here are the reasons why I love Chennai

If food is your first love:

Chennai has a dizzying array of hotels and cuisines. The cross cultural crowd here makes it possible for almost every type of food to mark an attendance here. You can have top-notch Mexican for breakfast, Kerala dishes for lunch, Italian for high tea and retire to the mundane appalam and rasam for the night. Thanks to robust immigration the variants are loads.

Beauty and the Beach:

For the “namma oru Bengaluru” chanters this is one pill they have to swallow the hard way. Talk all you want and travel all the way to Goa if you want but Chennai has one of the best beaches in the country. There cannot be a more peaceful experience than striding down the Marina at 4.00 a.m in the morning. There cannot be better moment than finishing a movie at City Centre and making a moment at Marina at dusky hours and feel safe too! Elliots is for the elite with a string of restaurants dotting the beach road and ECR is a hotspot if it isn’t too humid. I am a big fan of beaches and anyone can call me at even wee hours to loaf around. If lazing at the beach in the evening is your niche then you’d fall for Chennai too!

The Conservative Capital of India:

I am going to keep this as subtle as possible before my racist alter ego takes over and belittles other cities. Chennai is often ridiculed and equally lauded as the Conservative capital of India. We got to credit the Iyers and Iyengars here as they have watched modernization take over and still protected their ideas. Thanks to them we are able to retain your conservative selves and Saravana Bhavan and similar veg restaurant chain owe heaps to them too.

It is not that Chennai hasn’t modernized but that Chennai hasn’t succumbed to modernization. You simple ‘ take your eyes off the beautiful blend of culture and western trends. Pubs and bars aren’t as ubiquitous as Bengaluru but there are pubs that open after 11 and remain so deep into the night. Here you can see frocks and sarees adorned. The people at Chennai love conservative ideas. Bharathanatyam schools are still relevant  with good audience rooting for them.

People here maintain Tamil with great regard and are starting to embrace Hindi as well. Also yes, you do get looks if you wear a showy or gaudy outfit. But hey, people don’t judge you here. Remarks, yes. Lewd comments, yes. Acceptance YES! All the people here intend to say is “when in Rome be a Roman”. There is a pace and place for your dressing. You do not wear a coat suit to a beach  and a trouser to a meeting. The people here don’t judge you. You can be the best version of your wardrobe offerings even if it doesn’t go with taste of the locality and be accepted still. So yes, Louis Vuitton can be your daddy , Donatella your mommy and your pet name can be Gucci. Yet, we prefer that six feet of elegance in silk.

Movie going experience:

Getting your tickets for the first day of a release can be daunting. It is always a tatkal ticket booking experience while booking tickets in Chennais’ theatres. Chennai has wonderful multiplexes that offer great theatres. Also the tickets are cheaper to the other cities making it affordable for anyone to watch movies. However popcorn and other food items are sold at unreasonable prices. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter even if popcorns can make a good combo while watching movies. I think I can do good without those overpriced stuff. These affordable movie going experiences are another reason to vouch for this city.

Knowledgeable Chennai crowd:

Chennai has always been praised for its tolerance towards religion, culture, Pakistan cricket team etc. This is one place where you can find tolerance for your not-so-common opinion and still get away with it. Depth in your opinion is all that matters. Do remember that, else you are screwed.

Chennai has great tolerance levels. Violence due to religion is almost unheard of. Many North Indians reside here who actually came with tentative business intentions. Such people haven’t found it any difficult to cope up with the challenges of the city. People here are very helpful. Of course, you get stared at when you speak in Hindi here. But your faltering attempts in learning Tamil is the “aww” factor to impress. Any help requested in broken Tamil is much admired. People instantly empathize with you and help you in all ways possible.

Chennai has knowledgeable sports fans. Adherence to sports is increasing. Children are made to pursue sports diligently. We respect opponents and accept defeat even if it hurts us real bad. We appreciate good performances irrespective of our hostility. Almost everyone here loves cricket and that makes me like Chennai even better.

Chennai Super Kings:

Oh my! To let you know how much we love  this team let me make this part of the post an unedited one. There are gonna be a lot of typos as my fingers are racing faster than my intention to reach every key possible. These are my thoughts with no edits. Below them is the cleaned one.

We arne tfar from winning aans we are really on the go. Heaps of rund and wickets now  and we are gnna put on the show. Cause youa re gonna get used  to being beaten so often that patsperformancees aren’t going to count. 14 games to gully devour on the go. Till the skipper liftsthe trophy we are never giving up and awe letting everone know. once again I say you should get used to getting beaten on the go. Yes we are back. Yua sk who is back? Wer are fucking CHENNAI!

We aren’t far from winning and we are really on the go. Heaps of runs and wickets now and we are gonna put on a show. Cause you are gonna get used  to being beaten so often that past performances aren’t going to count. 14 games to devour once we start to mount. Till the skipper lifts the trophy we are never giving up and are letting everyone know. Once again I say you should get used to getting beaten on the go. Yes we are back. You ask who is back? We are fucking CHENNAI!

Such is the amount of love we have for this team. Chennai Super Kings has shown that there is a vibrant metropolitan called Chennai in this world. Thanks to CSK Chennai is known around the globe. And as loyal fans we repay them with every effort. That’s another reason to love Chennai!

These are perfect reasons to fall in love with this city. What are yours? Leave your comments below.


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    Nailed it


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