One Last Read! A farewell letter.

Dear everyone,

I wrote this out of a sheer surge in nostalgia and more particularly because I was scared of facing the “whats out there”. Before I start this letter I just want to say I am gonna miss you guys(each and every one of you) and I would love to meet over bistros and bbqs and booze with you-the soon to don the white collars- anytime in the future. I will mostly be a freelance writer and the good thing is that I will have a lot of free time( the downside being that’s the only thing I shall have).

Farewells are not the end. But the start of a new beginning. I would be lying to say that I  maintained a happy face and drafted a line like this. A farewell, a parting of ways is inevitable. And I sincerely acknowledge this roller coaster of emotions to be one of the most scariest times of my life. It is one of those days even when a girl rivalling perfection comes in front of you and proposes and you would be like ” Not interested”. Though there are no perfect times for proposals, this is no time where you would want to accept one either.  The last time I waved my best friend off  to his college endeavours was were I mustered the most effort to smile and the home bound walk was the longest I could remember.

I have watched each of everyone of you reading this post( yes, the audience is limited hence please share and subscribe to my blog) grow over the past four years. It also gives me a great deal of satisfaction to have been part if not contributed, to your bouquets and brickbats. Thanks be to all for making my journey worth the while.

Sometimes if not every time we crib about life at SJCE. Geeks crave for better standards. Lovers crave for more time. Artists crave for a more relevant and supportive atmosphere. Manikandan craves for that lunch siren or for an opportunity to sneak out. Ultimately, craving is the only constant! I craved for a strong network and like every other blessing endowed, a 200 strong network is one indispensable asset that this vibrant student community(MS aspirants, sort of rings a bell right) has given me. On looking back it isn’t the insipid, supposed to be lucrative engineering degree that has given me the face to stay relevant in this rat race. The innumerable technical conversations with decorated techno freaks, witty comebacks, tried and tested pickup lines from playboys(am itching to mention names here) that has given me the face to show.

I have seen you people slave away with only a successful destination set firmly in your hearts. Whether it be the beautiful marriage you have been dreaming about where your bridegroom-imminent steps down the helicopter or the manifestations of yourself breathing in the chilly air that Canada offers, or the images of you in sophisticated libraries with booze for company or keeping up with the bunking tradition at CTS  because that’s the primary reason you chose it, trust me, I shall always be beaming with pride that you are living the life you deserve- a spiritually and materially rich one.

Of course some of you  are going to be crooks. Kidding! Not the ones doing creepy stuff but the ones, you know,  doing jobs that everyone of us will be proud of. The white collar stuff that happens at Wall Street and investment bankers etc.Like that.

I absolutely excited and eager to watch each and everyone of you progress into the “face that runs the place” in future. And that is going to be beautiful.I can’t wait to see the advancements you all make in your careers, the people you finally decide to spend the rest of your lives with (not to mention, the epic craziness that will be all of your weddings) and last, but certainly not the least, I can’t wait to see all of your children.

To those working towards your goals; for those who are still mining stones and pebbles away for that elusive diamond down under, trust me, keep mining. Always remember no matter what you do the process is more important than the result. Always  believe that you deserve everything you wish for. Because.. That’s the point of life.

While all of us may be headed our separate ways, and while we might be scared and nervous about what’s to come, we’ll ALWAYS have each other’s backs, no matter what.Years from now, wherever we are and whatever the situation may be, we’ll always be there for each other. After all, that’s a role we’ll never stop playing in each other’s lives.

From: Your more than happy to help friend.

PS: This shall be my last WhatsApp forward to you guys from my blog. DO follow updates on Facebook if interested. Thanks for the endearing support. Could not have done it without you!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Senorita Sundarrajan says:

    No bubyes! Stay in touch☺I will keep pestering you for more of these.So there is never gonna be a bubye from me👐Im sure there will be no room for feathers on your cap! You are gonna be the best at what you do and all your works have conveyed it already!😇Actions speak louder than words? Both are equally loud here I’d say!Keep up with this good stuff😍


  2. poojasd404 says:

    aww!!! though I won’t miss this good for nothing college 😛 I would surely miss all the good times!! haha!! farewell, it just striked me only after reading this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Seno. The best part about writing about you guys is that I don’t have to make up stuff. Everything is simply out there for me to just word it. Thanks for everything


  4. Sam says:

    Found out the true meaning of a farewell. Good luck for your passion bro. Will miss you. God bless!


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