Why Christianity is not cool anymore!

So the title would have conquered the attention of atheists and staunch believers alike. Yes, Christianity is not cool at all. It was never cool since the beginning. In this strange world where people prefer brotherhood above timeless biblical quotes, Trump above Hillary(yes, strange ain’t it) Christianity and many other religious ideas need reformation. Christianity has become less relevant to the diverse culture of the modern era. We all love to make peace. But to spread peace you need not be a Christian.

Let me take you down the history lane. History has that Christianity never had the support of emperors initially. It was first adhered to by the lower strata of the society, the victims of male chauvinisms-women, the slaves etc. Humble beginnings then slowly gained traction before being followed by the masses. It was a meek religion which believed in bringing unconditional love irrespective of whether they deserved it or not. The preachers, with great audacity, mingled with maligned, preached amongst the plagued, blessed the condemned. Christianity took into its bosom anyone who was willing to change. This was the advent of Christianity. Succinctly, our ancestors preached unconditional love , put it into action by invading the sickly and the diseased and converting them and their families. Unconditional love was something the oppressed and depressed desperately needed at all times.

Now let’s take large strides in time and reflect on the present. The modern world where brotherhood and peace are the twin beliefs that matters above all religion,  many of us follow a particular belief because our parents did the same. We trust in the presence of a supreme being because we were taught to and not because we want to. But once we come off age the world puts us to test about if our religion is actually necessary to practice brotherhood. Why should I follow a religion just because I have to? Why don’t I take a chance at some other sect or cult before I stampede my belief  for the rest of my life and preach it to my progeny? Why should I create and court controversy just because I quoted a text and the other failed to respect that?

True. You do not need a religion to do that. But does that make Christianity irrelevant? Yes, it makes Christianity culturally irrelevant. So you state that Christianity is uncool? Yes, I agree. Christianity is uncool. I agree. In this information era, looking up for building prototypes of the MARS Rover in the internet is cool . Looking up for daily dosages of biblical verses is uncool. In this era of electronic gaming, buying a Nintendo console or the latest PS4 is cool. Donating the same amount to NGOs is uncool. In this era of fast foods and vibrant innovations in food recipes Sundaying at BBQs and KFCs is cool. Feeding the poor is uncool.

But here is what  Christianity is going to be- attractive. Why? Because here is what Christianity puts in the offing- Unconditional love.

People will be curious why you were kind to them when they may have been a jerk to you. That’s attractive. People will wonder why you value the broken, poor, and marginalized and use your finances, life, and time to help them (even if they never change). That’s attractive.People will wonder why you, a male- the epitome of the human sex, adhere and revere a female.. Because it is attractive. People directing their dominance based on the caste sections will kill for you to reason why maintain a status equilibrium. Beacuse it is attractive. People will marvel that your friend group doesn’t just consist of people of the same color, sexual orientation, or nationality as you, but it spans different beliefs, races, and political views. They’ll be shocked you serve, love, laugh and mourn with them. That’s attractive.

Though this thought of mine would have given me brickbats at the start I know that some  bouquets must be on the way. So share and do leave you comments below!

Thanks to that anonymous friend(hence anonymity preserved), who made me take this school of thought.


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    Another best ❤

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  3. Debac says:

    Osm bro… 👌👌👌


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