How to be a tad different with your SOP

There is nothing called a brilliant SOP. But there are a wide variants of what can be deemed as bad ones. SOPs are tiring to fabricate. It needs a lot of work to jog back down the memory lane to what actually inspired you to pursue this course. Even harder if you are pursuing a techno-managerial course like MIS, a course I deem for no aspirants. When asked why MIS most of these aspirants would languidly and with vanity say ” why not?”

It appears that SOPs are evaluated for about 7 minutes. Trust me, you don’t deserve to get pushed out just because of a bland, insipid SOP. It is the easiest thing to do and you shall see how below.

Do these 5 things to create simple yet scintillating content for your degree’s purpose.

1.Start with an analogy.

SOPs are basically essays . To every successful essay there should be that delectable first paragraph that commands your reader’s attention. Most of the SOPs start with a quote or a random thought( takes me back to the halcyon thought for the day phase of our school assembly). Better start with an analogy. The first paragraph can speak about a  biblical reference, a historical reference ,an evolutionary trend. Relate all these references to course you wish to study. Let the reference finally pertain to your intention.

2. Schooling and college

This is the mandatory second paragraph where you revert to the story telling session of your school days. Be generous in telling about the knowledge that you acquired in your schooling.

Enter the college days! Be specific while mentioning the subjects such that they totally narrow down your interests to your MS course. Write like this is coveted degree you wanted to subdue all your life. Write like all your energy, passions, time, have been channelled to target this MS degree and Ms degree only.

3. Projects and Symposiums and Workshops

Instead of the usual banter beginning with ” My final year project…..” let’s try having a brilliant topic sentence in place. Topic sentences are the very first lines of every paragraph. A brilliant topic sentence incites even the most lacklustre of readers to read beyond.

For this portion lets mention a latest trend or innovation in the domain your project is based on. For example if your final project was based on ARM. Relate to the latest technological breakthrough and just rant that merely the news inspired you to base your project on that. For this you have to slave over the internet to find the exact scenarios that would appeal to your cause.


The above content makes use of the news that Microsoft is about to deploy its OS in ARM processors to consolidate its hold over the computing market. Connecting such stuff makes the easy more factual than fictitious. It gives more adage to the authenticity of your SOP.  Like I mentioned, the SOP is basically an essay. You need to have content that simply flags the reader onto your version.

4. Location

We all know it is vibrant culture anywhere but India. We also know that exposure is in opulence anywhere but India.  We also know that you are an international student anywhere but India.

Then why state the obvious?

For this portion of our SOP let’s do some ground work the same way we did to sniff the personal favourites of our crush( or was it just me)!

Lets state our certainties Our only objectives are to flag the reader’s interest yet maintaining the relevance to our ambitions throughout the SOP. Consider a course in MIS or MS in CSE. Exhume the details of the various stalwart companies, huge manufacturing companies, reliable cloud service providers in the country of your choice. Flaunt about them and you can go on about how you actually want to bend your metal there.

A warning; Never choose obvious companies. It is only till we get to our abroad destination do we know the actual commanders of the digital and industrial arena!

Heard of Avecto, Clearswift? These are genuine players in the networking and network security arena. Hence switch out of the main stream Microsoft dream and research to excavate the other game changers in the technology arena.

5. Final paragraph

The usual mix of pragmatic approaches, erudite professors have become cant phrases. The monotony itself makes the SOP more of a cacophony. You need not deliver a punch to the culmination of your SOP but let it stay relevant to your aspirations.

For this purpose throw in a few designations and dreams you have already scaled in your mind based on your course. Unless you are a Russian spy in the US or an illegal immigrant, no one is going to keep track of you after your college.

If we care enough to mention that we shall graduate to become an asset to the university why not take a chance at mentioning a few fancy designations.

It will also help you if you can get some articles published in Linkedin to know about what these coveted designations actually do in their 9-5 sessions. Linkedin has high quality content which we often give the go-by.

This truly helps if you are after a course that needs magnanimous work experience. Chances are high that you may chance upon the relevant content that gives you an understanding of the work vicinity that pertains to the jobs after your MS course. Use such articles  to make up for your work experience, low grades and deliver a manifest a strong intention to appeal to the people behind the admit/reject desk.

Above all, the most important thing to your SOP is that it should have a continuity throughout. Let it have the required transitional words at the right places to remind the reader that this is no indifferently tailored document, but one that describes the various instances of your life.

Still sceptic of writing a SOP.

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