Reels that can be instilled for Real

Reels that can be instilled for real

Inspiration and motivation keep evading me alike. Nevertheless, the constant hunt for inspiration to write never leaves me. As the writer’s block continues to plague me courtesy some emotional turmoil, I turn to the biopic that moves the wheel for the galaxy of talented middle-class boys out there. Neeraj Pandey’s Dhoni-The Untold Story has become a stress buster of sorts for the inspiration ailing people. The movie vividly portrays the struggles of a Ranchi upbringing who took the cricketing world by storm, gave a cricketing recognition to the world by captaining an otherwise nominal cricketing Chennai and much more. The biopic raised the standards for upcoming ones. Much of the scenes from the reel can be incorporated into real life.


This scene portrays a young Yuvraj Singh  intimidating his rivals outside the cricket field. The swagger of the southpaw threatens them to such an extent that the opponents lose their nerves, and in their minds the match, even before play! This is where our lad’s mind displays its superlative. He walks away unruffled possessing enough guts and sense and is far from being overwhelmed. This also reveals that the sense of calm Dhoni  expels is not something existential but an ability that is inbuilt in him. The scene reveals that our captain can remain calm while facing a storm. It is adept that we take a leaf out of his book.  No matter how strong or intimidating your opponent is, never let his accomplishments and superior swagger cast a shadow of doubt over your abilities.


Never let even the dullest of opportunities pass in the pursuit part of your success story. Many people stop their hunt for success or take an unnecessary pause never knowing how close success was imminent to them. Dhoni begins to take part in lesser known gully cricket tournaments despite his seniors advising that it shall ruin his game. However, it was this tennis ball format that made the strong hitter keep in touch with latex gripped blade ad mist his hectic work. Dhoni dated even with the least appealing of the opportunities that manifested, making him the man we know today. This part of the reel buttresses the importance of small and luster lacking opportunities. It  is important to deliver our best at every opportunity presented before us and take them with great seriousness. Such opportunities may pose as a dull oyster enclosing a pearl of success.


Risks are the bigger leaps to better things. Every successful person, along with their hardships and times of toil, takes risks. It compliments their bold nature and karma becomes kind enough to reward their efforts. Your risk may impress your tooth fairy who may choose to endow you. However, there is more to be experienced than that can be elucidated. The above scene is when a metaphorical train opens its figurative door to take Dhoni home so that he can better his game. Now for a young man belonging to the lower middle class, to defy all the securities a government job can provide is an act that will be welcomed with smug stained and frown freckled faces in the society(all the middle-class guys there.. give me a whooo!!). Giving up your job to pursue your passion may sometimes be going on a wild goose chase. Moreover in the case of our captain the consequences may have jeopardized his financial security. Yet our lion heart pursued his big picture with utmost dedication knowing what was stake. The lesser known mortals like us can draw inspiration from this fact where timely risk followed by tireless commitment can provide much-needed leap for our goals.


This is one beautiful portrayal of the hurdles a lower middle-class Dhoni has to overcome. He had to board a train every day to practice and practice for the State team. Distance was only an “as a matter of fact” factor for our relentless captain. He had a vivid dream of the big picture. He had to spend nights preparing for his exams yet without any compromise in quality he has to perform for the greater purpose. He wasn’t lethargic to forsake his academic endeavors for his game and maintained a unique balance. This is another trait we can induce in ourselves. Life may cast may impedimenta spells on us. Yet we have to stay relentless and convert every obstacle to an opportunity.

Wish to narrate any part of the movie that inspired you? Leave yours in the comments below!


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