7 Misconceptions of Modernization in India.

What can be the most outrageous racial discrimination in the world ? Is it the discrepancy between the black and the white? German or Jew? Hindu or Christian? Vijay or Ajith (ok let’s not even go there)? There is this thing called the Westernization of the East! To be more incisive, adoption of western ideas by the east .Western practices are embedded into Indian culture and slowly gaining (I have softened the pace) increasing acceptance sometimes amalgamating gain, sometimes gaining reception to replace existing ones. The Hollywood patrons have,imbibed cultures from their counterparts which are never honoured as the “Easternization of the West”. Yoga , prayer , unconditional faith are certain practices adopted by the people in the west for which they are yet to thank us. Now, this the most obscene racism in the world. Somehow an entire hemisphere is victimized and cut down to size by  mere adoptions and adaptations of lifestyle from the west while the latter gives zero thanks.  Moreover the practices are dubbed as “modernization” so that it reduces the guilt of betrayal. Now this calls for a SWAT analysis of certain misconceptions of Westernization or the so-called Modernization in India:
1. Americanization is not called Modernization:
Now to all people who believe in America being the New World, world of opportunities etc. Nothing coming from there is new anymore. That world is 300+ years old and any culture coming from there is not nouvelle and there is nothing you can take home from them. Indians blind and naïve to such practices take a leaf out of their  fashion. We can see costumes as old as Jennifer Anniston’s wardrobe  from Friends resembling any contemporary Indian girl’s idea of a modern dress. Similar practices adopted by the east are crude derivations from the American style and we are quite convinced that this is modernization. Why does India evolve with American ideas? Why comprehend that anything American is modern. Such a comprehension is what we should all dissent about. Above all love for America is never modernization and anything that defies our emotions of nationalism is not modernization.
2. Influence of Alcohol:
Alcohol has many variants based on its concentration levels. I believe the variety of drinks are more in number than the sarees adorned by females here. However alcohol itself has its ancestry from the west. It dates back to the Mughal rulers who are  who brought these drinks into India. However the practice became rampant after the British began to use this as a drug to plant seeds of rivalry among the native rulers which paid off in spades. Besides the pivotal points in history this vile liquid has produced,the original reason behind the consumption of alcohol was to generate pangs of heat in the human body to fend off the cold . Tropical regions, (yeah that’s us), never need the use of alcohol as if there aren’t enough external elements to burn us already.  So that’s one thing we consume with utmost interest hiding behind modernization’s rear.
3. Dressing:
Now this is one topic where I am going to be hauled over coals. Most of our dresses are procreations of the costumes adorned by our counterparts in the west. Though it may have given us a new sense of fashion ,there isn’t anything dumb with the cotton weaved dresses of our kind. There is nothing obscene in the choice of our fashion either. However we are still inclined to the western styled denim and frocks . Lets now deal with the true reason behind the woolen stuffed clothes. Given the climatic conditions there then only choice of clothing can be clothes such as jeans. Jeans were initially invented in the west for the mine workers who had to deal with the rough terrain underground. Adoption of jeans is not the worst thing that could happen .Awkward dressing choices such as shorts and other obscene dresses are doing rounds in India . Oh jeez! Please don’t confer the feminist tag over me . Such dresses are worn by the blonde headed out there to salvage some of the sunlight that can be obtained over a tenure of three to four months . They prefer to have some tan on their skins which reasons out their choice of fashion. In India , shorts are preferred in spite of the blazing sun toning their skin’s colour to black . The irony is yet we bury  our faces under makeup with layers more than the number of layers of the atmosphere.
4. Language
Now this may bring me bouquets and brickbats from language lovers and ambitious parents respectively. In the name of globalization English is being forced into the sons and daughters of India. Affirmative, English is vital for communication and it serves as a medium of education in an India split by diverse languages. And touch wood! else I cannot continue blogging any longer ! However India can still do with native language in primary schooling. If this seems outrageous then at least to all the NRI parents out there, please instill your native tongue into  your children too. Many parents abroad ,in the hopes of making their children fluent in English make a grave mistake. If s child is brought up abroad it can imbibe the native accent once it mingles with its kith and kin. Without much ado it can also replicate the language with the perfect accent. Certain ambitious NRI parents in the hopes of teaching the language endow  their children with an accent of their own. A 7-year old Indian born Britain child  from America came back with an  accent that resembled one-u, two-u,….eight-u ! As if we haven’t caused enough damage to literature! Unruly ambitiousness kills our culture in the hope of modernization!
5. Relationship
Culture has maintained a one husband-wife relationship since ages in India. Dating, one night stands , are never encouraged and are considered taboo in India. Our culture has always dictated terms of sincerity while single and loyalty after marriage. All our traditions always abstain from anything that defies monogamy. Western practices have brought into India that once relationships are broken they can be mended by getting into another. Indian relationships  are mended by discussing the  troubles in the marriage by elders of both sides. Polygamy has entered into our society and has been accepted as a repair for faulty marriages. Divorces are no longer a taboo. Our society believes in repairing and making a relationship work. However this idea from the west is considered as modernization and this dandruff is wiped  off from our shoulders.
6. Concern of colour
In India there is this ancient practice of placing the child under the sun with oil spread over their bodies. This is due to the fact that the child shall develop enough melanin in their body . The melanin can resist most of the tropical diseases that are inherent thanks to the scorching heat.  Dark colour was considered to be healthy. That idea was kicked into the long grass. Being enslaved by the British not only left scars of slavery over us but also the idea of black aligning with slavery.  A  baby born black is met with a smug on the face in our society. The British along with pangs of inferiority have also left behind the idea of a white skinned human being deemed the better looking one in a compelling way. Black has the dubious distinction of being the recessive gene . Due to this we have an array of cosmetics and whitening creams that are applied on the baby taking its weight to another half a pound. Courtesy our naivety the cosmetic business rakes a profit of  700cr whose net value can be estimated at 7 lakh rupees only.
7. Food Habits
Junk is the king of meals. Gone are the days when cardamom was the Queen of spices. Though there exist biriyani lovers our diet has somehow paved way for obesity. Our forefathers have never had cases of obesity, escalating blood pressure. I have known people dying of old age, while being immune to diet oriented diseases throughout their life. In future, death due to old age may even become a myth, unheard of. My friend’s dad acquired diabetes at 40 while my friend’s brother already has diabetes. This is largely due to modifications in our consumption of high sugar content soft drinks. These soft drinks are actually used as a substitute for water in the west. Certain places have their water bodies frozen for over three months in a year. At such cases, water sweetened with artificial contents are consumed instead of water. Therefore it is an inherent need but here in India, it is an unnecessary need. Once again we believe this to be a modern idea and take pride in practicing it too. Another is the case of fast foods. Fast foods are species of food that can save time and align with the needs of the rush and hush lifestyle. That’s the way pizza and burgers entered into our native menu. Yet I wonder what we have against our food items that we fail to embrace them and opt for the misleading fast foods. In a race of time between idly and Maggi the former can win the fast food tag easily hands down! Once again westernization’s avatar modernization has crippled our many century-old food styles.
If there is so much love for western ideas we can embrace the good ones that are in perfect reason to be accepted into our society too. Caste discrimination, intolerance, skipping not just queues but even the mere idea of them have to enter into the roots of our society. Intolerance is still the nemesis of star-crossed lovers. When people are ready to practice dating and stuff that they have learned from Hollywood, why they prefer to cling on to their caste and religions. The practices we acquire from the west should first be diagnosed with proper understanding before they are fit into the tenets of our society.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    very great analysis beyond my expecyation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sel says:

    Good analysis. Is it your own reflection or a synthesis of the ideas of some philosphers or sociologists? If there are any authors dealing with it let me know.


  3. Hello sel. It’s my opinion. Just wrote what I observed and comprehended. If I do know I shall let you know.


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