An Alchemist

Paul Coelho would be rather cross for the title of this post. If this post goes rather viral enough I can confer his share on his plagiarism claims. However, neither will happen as this post is a simple tribute to a person. He at 52, I often wonder whether this man gained a perception beyond measure with age or was it an inherent capability of his. He has never failed to awe me with his uncanny perceptions and in him, I have always seen the most tolerable and respected “know-it-all”. “Know it all”s are usually cut down to size as they are too clever by half . But our birthday boy never, in fact, annoyed people with his wit to the best of my knowledge.

I have always been on the receiving end of this inspiration. Inspiration will always be given to those who ask for may be his motto(Potterheads please forgive me for the plagiarism). As I was searching for an inspiration to make the next blog entry for my apparent fans(sarcasm) he again has risen to the occasion . This time the timely arrival of his birthday gave me the necessary inspiration to open the floodgates of my vocabulary.

I have felt him be too humble that he judges himself undeserving to occasions. If choices are the directors of life , god knows where they would have led to if he felt a little more pride. However, the humility he has never failed to charm people. A down to earth man he is can casually enter into a conversation just when one may take him to be the shy sort. The deafening silence that he maintains may mask such humility but never judge him to be the former variant . It is always calm before the storm and in this case, it shall always be. Just when you think he is a shy sort and can be easily taunted, you get a response such that you can never make a comeback. Even if you do,make sure you have another to follow it with.

As I was ranting about the perception he possesses only Nostradamus and the shrewd mythical astrologers of India can provide a match . When analyzed it comes down to the point that even those people have used certain instruments to make such predictions. However, this man here uses his Godspeed intelligence to determine the outcome and the objective of a particular person’s intent. Such characters may not seem apparent in him but when he expresses his opinion via perception you’ll be amazed at the possibility of such an occurrence. Sometimes it becomes difficult to refrain from feeling envious.

Well back to the title… The Alchemist. Now if the above yarn has probably made you yawn this may lighten you up. Well, who is an Alchemist? A Greek chemist? Probably related to the wanted criminal Al Capone? No,but an alchemist is a person who can turn even the dullest of petals into the shiniest metal! Now that’s easy.. It is Gold! Now for those wondering “How lucky his wife would be to live in a gold mine!” please grow up because that’s not what I meant. He is an Alchemist who propels those who assist him to success. An Alchemist whose procreates sidekicks and assistants that they surpass him in wealth and designations. An Alchemist who doesn’t offer a man a fish for a day but prefers to teach a man to fish . An Alchemist who knows the right formula for the person to turn him gold. Whilst doing all this our humdinger here prefers to occupy the backstage. However, even with such an attitude he never fails to inspire.Though he shall remain shy of the limelight,the people under it know who’s responsible for the limelight shower .Saying that , I realized I have raved enough .
Finally the intent of this post- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!


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