Song for a Stalwart-A Pokemon poem

Leaving my internal assessment to the gods ,  I spoke to one of the most charming youths of my senior batch(plenty of adjectives ,coz such is the bromance). A vibrant,down to earth play guy who seemed to instantly go down my contact logs until kingdom comes. Other than being an entertaining conversationalist he possessed one true trait. A trait that made him noteworthy. He was one ardent poke maniac!! And on his birthday,let him choose!


Bulbasaur Chamander,Squirtle

Choose one,for this your birthday counsel.

Two choices flaunt about your character,

Third of them is a real advice winner!

So Choose among them and scroll,

Or simply skim them all!


If you have chosen Charmander,

Let me brag about this fiery talker.

Your talking is always your game.

Enchanters and charmeress alike are drawn,

Like a Venemoth to  a flame.

Be humble like a Charmander,

Only do a proud Charmeleon,

when your pride is at hinder.

When a challenge comes to the deciding heat,

Flamethrower like a Charizard to reduce them to neat!


If you have chosen the Squirtles,

I shall compliment the way defend your intimate co-pupils.

And When times deter ,

Remember that here,

you have got a Spearow pack,

Who have got your back.

Once a while ,on them you can count on .

Cause they  shall shield from your adversaries,

While you Hydropump away your miseries.


If you have chosen a Bulbasaur,

There is nothing more I can say for.

Sweet scenting your counterparts is your fame,

Vine whip away your challenges like they are lame.

My sincere suggestion to you,

you shall know the girl when it is true.

Joys and Jennys may form a queue,

but for the lady of luck for whom thou love shalt brew,

Sweep her off her feet and say,I Choose You!



Thanks for sharing the Pokemon Madness!


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  2. Ritchie says:

    Dear caffeinated whoever you are. Neveen, Jince or whatever. I just want to say that you are an awesome writer. Keep it up.

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