The Run of our lives!

Motivated by numerous memes and self-help sites I was tempted to type a post based on passion. However a bigger question entered into my  mind. Why have people suddenly failed to acknowledge and admit their passion into their life. It seemed people have suddenly lost their will to enjoy the useful aspects of life. My mind then wavered to wonder about what are we really living for ? If everything happens for the good ,to provide what good was I born? Continuing to ponder I suddenly remembered a  blog-post I read long back. A classmate of mine eagerly posed the same questions that were swirling in mind. I was aroused by the thought of further complementing to her post.

What are we running for? is a thought-provoking question that can spark a serious debate.

Her post(linked above)  prompted certain voices in my mind. The walls of my mind started echoing with the  voices of “What are we  running to?” Even Tom and Jerry ran for a purpose. What is mine? “Why does everyone run blind-folded”?”Is this the supposed evolution of humans or an  ignorant but insidious transformation?” “Should I always be hot on someone’s heels or can I withdraw  for some respite” and “If I do and if I lag behind can I claim that I was on a break!”.

voices reverbrating in my mind
voices reverberating in my mind


This was the exact feeling I was ushered into, by the volley of questions  that was asked by the blogger there.  That couldn’t have happened to myself alone. Anyone reading that post if sets some time aside to reevaluate oneself will be able to find himself inconclusive to such questions.



So let me take over the baton from where my friend had stopped. There is going to come nothing  like a decent answer to those pointed questions from myself. I just want to quiz more on our social,moral conscience.

As far as I am concerned the last time our entire nation has come together should have been the First War of Independence. This was the time when our lion-hearted forefathers made a brute force attempt to oust the British. Sadly the effort was futile but a moral victory was drawn. For the first time in Indian political history a mass of 2,40,000 geographical Indians gathered and ran for an unconditional common cause.That must have been the only run for a common cause. (Dandi march was a march only,wasnt it?)

Now switch from the history lane to your memory lane. We continue to run. We run for accolades. We run marathons hosted by cheap event management companies and we  run with neon paint all over us. We do all the running to keep the physical us up and about!

We never refrain ourselves from running, do we? We run away from corruption. We run away from national duties. We run away from nationalism. We run away denying ourselves the right to put people to power and later we run away from them ! We run away from spirituality. We run away from any sort of doing unconditional help. We run away too far to respond to the calls of the poor and neglected.

We run to school to secure the epitome of ranks right from day one. We run back home and run through the pages of our books to stay consistent in our rankings. In this race, we run towards perfection. In our quest to immortal perfection we have forgotten about our unwell driver  who raced us to school and the unwell servant who raised us in our nursery ages.

We run too far that we are deaf to our own kith and kin calling. We run with such intensity,breaking all laws of time inhibiting us from every small pleasure of life,love and family. We run towards e-commerce sites and rush with all our might just to the delivery boy outside your home handing over your product. . In this lazy run we have raced past the poor vendors who are selling the same product in brick-walled stores.  We run towards money, while husbands run away from the sarcastic call “honey”.

We run away from our passion and to stay competent has become our ambition .Neither we run with passion nor we run for it. We run with ambition sometimes ambition waxing it. We run towards monetary goals and away from relationship goals. We run away from failure and complain about success evading us to us.We run away from new experiences and yet we want our run to be exhilarating.We run so hard exhausting our very purpose of life.

If only we run with the same vehemence where it mattered,we would have pocketed a bag of gold in every million dollar sporting event.

Sometimes standing still is good. How many times have you run past a haggard old man starving for a morsel of food? How many times have you run past your son or daughter asking your help in their homework? If only we had given something for the man to fend of would he have lasted little longer. Who knows? Maybe the grain you endowed would have bought him enough time for his fortunes to change. If only you hadn’t run past your ingenuous son he would have known that his dad would be there to have his back. Even the Earth sloes down every year by an infintesimal margin. To slow down and search the purpose would be a great thing to do too.









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  1. Franky says:

    So proud of you macha😘😘


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