Tribute to the carnival of today’s!

Complementing caffeine to cue in a compelling cognizance to create,let me portray a bond that exists between two people who fail to have anything in common still get along with each other similar to a shoe and a lace. The initial stage of any relationship ranging from amateur amigos to anything increasingly complex as Rachel and Ross’s starts with “let us be friends”. I can attribute this bond to a coelacanth,owing to its existence going even before Caesar’s times and still going strong. There is a fair number of blogs and content to rave about this unrequited bond(yes,such bonds still exist!). So let me jazz about something vital to nourish every malnourished friendship.

Unrequited love and nurtured friendship.The better of which can lead to belligerent arguments.I’ll give the latter an edge because of its ability to repair itself from the damage it can undergo and partly because of its friendship day.Time heals all wounds cannot salvage a broken commitment. In such a benevolent bond the stakeholders can contain the damage made only by distancing from each other. The remarkable thing about damages in a friendship is that it is self-healing. A rambunctious “word at war” situation may conclude in the two parties going against each other. There may appear nothing to salvage from the capsized ship. Ice cold stares, pangs of pain and uncomfortable silences may rule the roost between the two parties. All insanities and madness are sidelined. This vanity goes in vain only when one takes the role of the artist and paints the picture of forgiveness. Forgiving is never done by the weak contrary to what it looks like. It takes a strong heart to forgive and ask for it and even a tougher soul to forget. Forgiveness is as simple as breathing. Holding nothing back you just have to let loose of all your vanity. The repair happens subconsciously. Realize that the best gift to a damned doomed distant friend is giving them a second chance. Give them the second chance that gives them the freedom to realize your true value. A smile after smile. That’s how you should be… Just you and he/she. Who knows… The second chance you bestow can be a boon that you give up on yourself too.If friendship is an art then forgiving is the masterpiece. To add to your celebrations, what better day than the carnival itself to resolve your differences!

So to all my friends… Thank you for wasting time on my post. It is not as if you have anything better to do. But if not here then it is the social giant right… That’s friendship day for us …Now off you go forgiving your friends over the insanely discounted pizzas that Dominoes has to give away. Quarrel away for the second slice but be selfless on the second chance.


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    Machan semma da …..vera level of writing……


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