The Pokemon Papparazi!

They say a man’s best friend is a Pokemon. Gone are the days when those that sentence concluded with a dog.With the Pokemon Go becoming the talk,run,walk of times Pokemon are becoming increasingly intimate to their tireless trainers. To “catch, ‘em all” is now everyone’s war cry!

Pokemon or pocket monster is truly living up to its name. Every ambitious Pokemon fan sets on a journey with their mobile. As they trot on an adventure they conjure images of their childhood hero Ash Ketchum and his sidekick Pikachu,pocketing every Pokemon that appears in their vicinity.Muggles to the Pokemon world find this profound sensation a bit rambunctious. However, people who were kids a decade ago ,belonging to the vintage 90’s find Pokemon Go,a patiently fulfilled dream. Every kid back then dreamed of becoming a Pokemon master with utmost zeal. Their dreams are now realized thanks to Pokemon Go. Not only did the game caused a surge in Nintendo’s net value but also prompted the Pokemon geek alter-ego in every Pokemon fan.

Now there will be no need to be an all jaw on the whats and hows of Pokemon Go. However, there is capricious me which has to elucidate to you how Pokemon geeks are now the epitome of the craze!There were times when a Pokemon fan would be scoffed at for bringing Pokemon into a cordial conversation . He would have only tried to spice up the conversation only to be cut down to size. There were times when I would suffer a nervous breakdown courtesy excitement when I find myself talking to a Pokemon fan. On a personal note, I would try to revive the nostalgia in me by playing the game boy versions of Pokemon. The Pokemon franchise was nothing to write home about.
Then came Pokemon GO reviving the franchise and propelling it to fame and beyond.Pokemon fans became the life and soul of the Pokemon sensation.Now Pokemon fans are now offered the designations of poke dexters,battle advisers, strategists and many more titles to confer on! A Bangalore job listing advertises the need for Pokemon trainers. Aficionados are now offered the designation of Pokemon Catchers with their duties involving training and catching Pokemon!

Pokemon Go revived an obstinate franchise. Niantic’s release has paid them off in spades.Pokemon trainers are now a reality in this virtual arena. Every player,preferably called a trainer is hot on their rivals heels. It has paved way for a whole new dimension of competition.The fiction has culminated in an addiction!


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