Microsoft mobile- A flawed flamboyance

The Lionel Messi of the OS market,maintained a never say die attitude towards establishing themselves in the phone market. Somehow they were caught in a void . A state of static prevailed such that the market points never went up though they barged with all their might. They only had philosophies to bank on but not a breakthrough technology that would admonish their competitors of their presence.

Microsoft failed to see the strong robust markets where the middle-class populace dominated. While every phone maker shifted their sales gaze towards the two most populated countries of the world Microsoft was still competing in its home trying to throw the Apple out of its “Windows”. China and India were two such markets were you could woo people and make your product go on a date without much trouble. The middle-class economies were so strong that you could sell almost anything. Samsung’s software was nowhere near Microsoft’s stable mobile OS and the hardware was never made from the Kohinoor of silicon. With a decent software and hardware but a cash studded promotion and Samsung suddenly became the Jack of mobile trades in India.

You have to sell phones to proliferate yourself across the market. Microsoft thought it understood and went on a selling spree but again with a flaw,on its own. The Chinese economy was doing with an indigenous market consequently never wanting a foreign manufacturer in its midst. Understanding those building key partnerships with mobile makers was the only way out, Microsoft approached Nokia the T-rex of the Information age to manufacture phones. For once Microsoft learned something but expressed it in the most naive of ways. Nokia had a strong market presence in India but they never came out with their magnum opus for many years.But still, handsets were released .

The OS shone brightly with  a love at first sight UI but its shine was diminished by the infamous”app gap”. The app developers for this mobile OS preferred to take a nap instead of spending time towards the development of  apps. This was due to a negligible consumer base. The gold they invested was more than what they got back. Again , it put the spotlight on Microsoft’s failure to comprehend the proliferation of itself across the markets of the world. Most of the world’s mobile OSes developed,deprived to exist because of their inability to impress people at sight. However, Microsoft was never technically handicapped. A naive and complacent comprehension of the economy led to what should have been a flawless flamboyance!


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