The Butterfly collection, The First Kiss, The Tombstone.

Sweat and tears alike trickled. Less concerned to sort which was which I stared,unfazed,all alone. The gray tombstone glared back. There were many others too,in opulence. In the thick of irrelevant monoliths i stood. I was adamant on a proper burial. Kneeling down on the lush vicinity I placed the wreath on the small hill of soil thinking of how i could fill the void created.Even the weather seemed to empathize with my loss. With all the gloom and glum,one could take the spring day for a monsoon morning. If she was here,her face would droop on seeing me grief-stricken. She always did. Every time i express the ordeals that were the order of my day a frown would spread across her face. Her penchant to droop her face every time I anguished,would vanquish the frown etched on my face.

We rowed across the river of time like two best friends ,me wielding the oars of conversation while she being the uncanny listener. She seemed to comprehend the vitality of a hug. Bear hugs were not congenital in her. Yet she leaned on my shoulder perpetually making me feel secure.“Starvation of love can be fulfilled only by giving and not by receiving” was a principle she understood in copiousness.Somehow she knew.I decided to leave her. Let her rest her way to peace. She had her fair share of life. She had to move on. To fill the void was large. The impact was like a black hole. True to its nature,it seemed to suck all the happiness from me .I pondered on our memories of yesteryear.I couldn’t help realize that she was in every carriage in the train of my life. She was there when i started my butterfly collection. I scampered,trailing the butterfly without sheer concern of the stony path i tread on. There she was dogging my footsteps. I never saw the path preceding me. Yet i never had to.She was always ahead ready to warn me of any unruly terrain in the garden. Futile was her guard as i never bled once,yet she always kept her watch.

She was with me when I had my first kiss. Leaving me in my oblivion she was steadfast to warn me of intruders around who may dishearten my romantic trice .She let me have my moment under the moon. She was the cupid I never realized. Now she lies under pounds of sand with nothing on Earth,under and over it to perturb her. Her guard is complete. None of her deeds undone.Those deep black eyes now gawk into oblivion. Her bare feet that trampled all sorts of Earth from the scorched to the Siberian now lay aloof. Now is when i need her the most. At the end of every ordeal I needed her and this is no way second to any.

I started to pace my way back home .I crossed the nursery where i first met her. I saw the nursery keeper offering a puppy to a small kid. The keeper knew me well. He called me to offer a thing or two to the kid. I knelt down and said “ I owned a pug and i owe her a lot.Remember a dog is a man’s best friend.Take good care of it”. He nodded. As I picked myself up he asked me “Where is your best friend ?” I looked back at the tombstone,hiding my glistening tears. Turning to the kid I replied “ She is now resting from all the hassle. Yeah it always has been a hassle for her”. I smiled at the nursery keeper and continued my sojourn unguarded and all alone!


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  1. poojasd404 says:

    such a brilliant one naveen! luvd it 🙂

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  2. Bro, May god bless your skills 🙂


  3. By the way this is Jerry Anna


  4. tianakees says:

    Good one 👍


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