Belief is the Beginning and the End

Ask you shall receive, Seek you shall find. An indomitable utterance by a voice that never dies. Cakewalk to comprehend, yet to benefit from them becomes a daunting task. What’s that x-factor these words depend on? The answer is pretty steadfast… Belief. Belief manifests to be the most powerful liaison between the petty human mind and the creator himself. I daresay, every almighty is as powerful as the showers of belief bestowed. Every part of a prayer is as powerful as the belief incident on it.Every prediction, every horoscope, every prophecy holds true with consistent conviction.

I began to understand its magnitude only when I pondered upon the ever controversial, perpetually prone to argument affair, the best of Gods! Every man finds the power that procreated him to be the most powerful and is loyal to it. As a child, he is presented with an idea at his birth and he is made to accept it at both the conscious and subconscious level. Eventually, he builds around it.Remember,a man is what he thinks all day. Religious values are contemplated by him all day such that he becomes so steadfast with its culture and begins to enjoy the spiritual harmony it provides. To believe is like a dead rubber without a belief to endorse. To enjoy the harmony from heaven, he needs a consistent momentum of belief. The magnitude of belief he endows on them is responsible for how effective his God is and it is never the other way around.

Let us contemplate more.What happens if a child believes in the good and believes that there is still enough goodness to save the world? He learns to love.But what if the same child has resorted to all sorts of social prejudices, and his mind is infiltrated by beliefs that lead him to believe that the world is beyond repair. He develops a selfish propaganda. His beliefs are aligned towards chaos and tyranny(as we see). Sometimes such children grow up to be charismatic leaders and nations rally behind them. They instill their beliefs on people. Their beliefs become authority.Thus an Autocrat emerges. Channel the autocrat’s thoughts.Empathize with his past that led to his beliefs. You’ll find it hard to disagree with his lifestyle .There can never be a good belief or a bad belief. Belief is like an opinion or err…a nose.. everyone has one!

Belief is a principle, it simply exists. Its existence cannot be unproven. Beliefs forged nations.It is this abstract that initiates verbal crusades. It is the powerful portion that accounts for medical miracles. Ever pondered upon the reason behind epiphanies? Belief summons even the creator of time to land on the shores. Mere words of such manifestations eventually lay a strong foundation for the transfiguration of beaches to Basilicas. The ailed get their ailment. The confused get comfort. The suppressed get sanctioned. They come with dread and part with the right priorities. What has changed? Contemplating more,I settle with the divine belief. If love is divine what about the belief that topples the divinity. With so many Gods to secure yourself with who can you deem as the most powerful god.Just understand,God is where beliefs start and end.You don’t have to choose, you just have to believe!



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  1. Pl sangameshwaran says:

    Machan sema da proud of u

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  2. daniebritto says:

    keep up the good work macha 🙂

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  3. Jennings says:

    The only word left by Christ after each of his miracle ” your Belief cures you”. Blog unites all of differnt beliefs,breaking conservative ideas, strengthening the soul..Nice!! Keep Goin

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  4. James Ashwin says:

    Nice article on religion and belief!!You’re at a great start fr your blog.Keep it up.

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  5. Steffi Jones says:

    Good work !! Expecting more !!

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  6. Steffi Jones says:

    Good work!! Keep it up!!

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  7. poojasd404 says:

    brilliant ^_^ keep going 🙂

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  8. Preethi Ravichandran says:

    Hip Hip Hurray !!! Hoping to the best that it has to be a constructive belief navyyyy !! A divine belief would definitely beat a hasty retreat from seclusions . A great start , not just depicting your talents , but loaded with powers of ailing the reader’s mind .

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  9. Samuel Dharmaraj says:

    Nailed it !
    Keep writing more.
    Proud of you brother. 🙂

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  10. Seno Rita says:

    Believe,believing beliefs is a belief! 😀 The magic of the rainbow lies in it! I believe none can frame more powerful sentences for this tiny ‘six letter word’. Truly a delight to read. A work that should raise a lot of eyebrows! Way to go, Naveen! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  11. Kevin Victor says:

    Plain brilliant stuff O.o


  12. keerthana j says:

    let this be an awesome path for u r future endeavors… keep gng jcin bro…


  13. Teena says:

    Brilliant work:-D
    Awesome start!!!
    Keep up:-D


  14. john says:

    It’s really good. But……if the focus is on belief. ….believe. ….n if he has started it with a word that came from the mouth of the Saviour…….then he shud decide who he wants to portray as the hero of his article. Is it One Lord n Savior or is it all God’s r one God. The beginning n the end…..the first n the last……the alpha n omega r none other than Jesus Christ.


  15. priya says:

    Gud work bro….

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  16. b.ewriter says:

    thanks priya!


  17. Kavi Malar says:

    A mind lingering one…..:) the mere existence of mankind…for the people who chose to live…,faith(in your terms…belief) drives them throughout


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