Social media influencers and startups: A tool guide

Advertising has become the Dolores Umbridge of the marketing world. Its intrusive, annoying and irrelevant. For marketers, authenticity has become the holy grail for branded content. It is amid such a content fatigued time in history, influencer marketing has become all the rage and influencers, the Guardians of authenticity.

Digital Influencers for Fashion and Beauty Brands

Scrolling over your Instagram feed have you ever wondered who are these common people who are giving tutorials on make-up and styling? “Before you apply your foundation do not forget to use ‘DIOR’ primer to give a flawless look” or “Styling ‘FORVER 21’ in 5 different, wearable ways.”  Not once did you visit a page…

My Life Lessons from Pokemon

Pokemon informed me that “You are only as worse, bad, good, better as your competition.” Secondly, I shall never give up on is being a writer and writing for which I derive inspiration from the lines ( To learn the way to take command, Use the power that’s in my hand). Pokemon training is about never giving up. A sickening work ethic when following your dreams is what shall endure you! And you ask me why I say “Pokemon! I choose you!”

Make the Caste System Great Again.

I phoned up a friend for some liberation. She said the caste was God’s endowment on his procreation. So, I decided to vent out a blog post out of sheer frustration. It is always easy to sign up to the anti caste feeling and enjoy support for your idea. Though the anti caste sentiments are…

MCU- Mama/Maamis Cinematic Universe.

If such social gossips of Maamis and Mamas were collected and formed into a movie plot this shall mark the beginning Fourth phase of the MCU- Mama/Maamis’ Cinematic Universe.

Why Marvel’s weakened heroes are DC’s box office crisis

Hilariously so. DC’s overpowered heroes don’t give a good run for Marvel’s money ( or anyone’s) at the box office. And they have only themselves to blame. It’s fun reading a comic for 5 minutes with somebody with immense power. Nothing boring at all. Wanna know boring? Watching a 2+hour film about a guy who…

A New Experience-One New Love A Day

Every person is a new experience. you are under no moral obligation to renew old friends. But chance at making a new one, a comfortable new experience from an old one!

Talk more and responsibly

TALK LESS, AND TALK EVEN MORE! Do we actually realize how much we have ever accomplished, not personally, but across the ages by just talking? I may not be right, (I don’t have to be either) but talking must probably have been one of the earliest modes of communication. Contributing to a small part amongst…